What’s holding you back from greater success?

Hamish Knox, Sandler Training, Calgary, AB, CYBF Young Entrepreneur


Actually not you specifically, but the messages stored in your brain about success that you got from mom, dad and other authority figures, like coaches, when you were a child.

These messages, or “scripts,” are hard to spot. Typically you become aware of a script by analyzing your behavior and uncovering self-sabotage.

A colleague of mine worked with a client who discovered they had a “be happy with what you have” script. The client discovered, with my colleague’s help, that every time they would be on the path to greater success, exceeding sales targets and having enough money for a new car, their script would take over and they would miss their goals.

Aside from the script mentioned above, below is a brief non-exhaustive list of common anti-success scripts:

  • You’re not good enough;
  • Money is the root of all evil;
  • You have to earn it;
  • No one likes a show off.

Overcoming these scripts alone is tough, so I recommend you find a trusted advisor to help you and you will achieve greater success than even you thought possible.

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