One of the key aspects to becoming a great manager is to facilitate the ability of subordinates to identify the priority areas where they need to become self-sufficient and then support them in doing so. Two of the key support activities are coaching and training. The following article will provide, hopefully, user-friendly guidance as to how a manager should approach coaching and training.

Training and coaching defined:

  1. Training is a formalized program usually offered with visual and/or written aids to demonstrate/describe what is being trained. It is often conducted by someone other than the manager.
  2. Coaching is almost always conducted by the manager and is a less formalized and sometimes spontaneous action on the part of the manager.

In order to assess the training and/or coaching a subordinate needs the manager must first determine:

  1. The areas that the subordinate is self-sufficient, the areas that s/he is not, and the priority issues needing to be addressed within that gap.
  2. The career path targeted for the subordinate.

In order of priority the manager must determine:

  1. What training programs offered by your company (internally and/or externally) will improve the priority areas of self-sufficiency and when the subordinate will take them.
  2. Which areas are to be addressed via daily coaching by the manager and how they plan to perform the coaching.

Should you have any questions or feedback regarding the content of this article please email me.

By Terry Thompson, Surrey, BC, CYBF mentor,

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