Shaun Whynacht, Blue Cow Creative Design & Production Ltd., Coldbrook, NS,

“Selling” your business is a fine art. It’s a skill set that many people struggle with (including me). When we are passionate about the work that we do, we have a tendency to talk and talk and talk when selling our business. What is it that you are missing? The question! Yes the question.

Imagine you are in front of a potential investor or client and they ask you about your business, so you start to tell them what it is you could do for them. Now I bet that if you paused when you were near the end of your pitch and there was silence, you would continue to add more and more. Instead try the following:

  1. Master your pitch.
  2. Follow it with, “Do you think that is something that could help you and your business?”
  3. Pause and wait.

It may seem uncomfortable, but it will be worth it. They will either say yes, at which time you can talk specifics, or say no, in which case you can respond, “Well it’s not for everyone, but I appreciate your time.”  You are now free to keep prospecting.

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