When asked the question: what’s one way your business is giving back to the community? What is your response?

Here are some of the answers that entrepreneurs provided to The Young Entrepreneur Council (YEC):

  • Valuable virtual real estate;
  • Get out of the office;
  • Group up to give back;
  • Enlighten self-interest;
  • Pay it forward to fellow entrepreneurs; and
  • Team volunteering.

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Some ways to give back to your community in a big way is to share and listen to your community. Being in the entrepreneurial space, seeing how one person’s story can inspire and motivate another to carry on is special. We encourage you to join our Entrepeer Hub LinkedIn group to share your story and post business questions. It is your platform to connect online with CYBF entrepreneurs, mentors and business experts from across Canada. Through this national network, you can share advice, experiences and resources to help businesses grow!

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