Leyla Razeghi, Ind Eng, MBA Strategy, Strategy Consultant and Coach, Toronto, ON

Today, the customer is king. New buying behaviour demands engaging, customer-centered experiences sustained by properly aligned sales and support channels. Your customers will want products/services that are designed specifically for them in mind, that address their specific needs and wants, because of this, knowing your potential customer and adapting your business communications to them is key.

The selling process starts with the right communications on your website, flyers, social media, etc., including how you explain what your product is when you meet new people. This will either bring them to forget you and move on, or will generate enough interest for them to want to know more about what you can offer them.

Customers want a pleasant, productive, and personalized product/service and experience that fixes their “pains” and improves their lives. When you communicate what you do, you have to make sure that customers understand what they’ll get with your product/service, what makes you different from your competition and why they should pick you. It is all about what they want and need. For example: If they care about price then you need to make sure you are competitive and mention that in your communications.

In conclusion, whenever you write or talk about your business, keep your audience in mind: how can you peak their interest so you can eventually turn a stranger into a customer?

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