Ben Beveridge, Inspiring Excellence Inc., Vernon, BC, Futurpreneur Canada Mentor,  

I believe that inspiring excellence in an individual builds a stronger leader. Inspired leaders build stronger teams, which build stronger companies. Stronger companies contribute to stronger communities, which build better individuals.

I believe that only by working to be exceptional can we expect to achieve greatness. This requires choosing to take the small step every day that will deliver the end result we seek, whether it’s days, months, or years in the future.

Peak performance requires work, time, effort, sacrifice, suffering (sometimes), and a commitment to excellence that I still have to choose to make every single day. I don’t know anyone, at any level, in any field, that just IS great at what they do. They choose to do what it takes to BE great in every moment. And when they falter, fail, or just simply don’t do their best in that moment, they choose to be great the next day. It is simply, always, and only about what you choose to do next that matters. What you choose to do in the next moment determines what your life is and will be.

I will inspire leaders to understand and implement a better way of doing business. I will inspire teams to work better together. I will inspire individuals to build strong foundations for achieving their own greatness. And I will choose to lead, by living what I believe.

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