Social media has become increasingly important to raising brand awareness and building online traffic. But if you aren’t optimizing your social media, your website (and rankings) will suffer. Optimizing your business for online search and social sharing translates to higher conversions and a healthier bottom line.

Here are some ways you can boost your social campaign this month and improve your traffic, rankings, and conversions.

1. Optimize your Social Content

Great content doesn’t always mean you’ll be rewarded for it in the SERPs. Increase your SEO value and your share value by including relevant keyword terms in your Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and blog posts. This helps Google index your content and direct similar searches to your pages.

Be sure to include your business’ name in your posts as well. Google’s algorithm links keywords with brand names (called co-occurrence), thus connecting your business to certain terms more readily in the search results.

2. Add Share Buttons to Posts

A killer SEO strategy is the first step to getting traffic to your content. However, optimizing your content for social sharing will take your online visibility exponentially further. Always include share buttons and calls to action with your posts.

Social links to Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest are particularly effective platforms to spread your content and raise brand awareness. More people sharing and interacting with your content equals higher online visibility, greater traffic, and increased sales conversions.

3. Fill Out a Complete Profile

Getting noticed is just the beginning of social media strategy. The end-goal is higher conversions, and the only way to achieve that is by providing readers with the information and tools they need to get there.

To ensure this, complete your social media profiles with all the contact and bio information they will need. Be descriptive. Use search-relevant keywords that accurately describe your company (and its products/services). Be sure to include your business address, phone and/or email contacts, as well as links to your website and other social profiles.

Social media is rapidly becoming an integral part of small business marketing strategies. Make sure your campaign gets started on the right foot by optimizing your content for social sharing. Many companies like Clickcom offer SEO/SEM services to optimize your social and web pages and get your small business noticed. As your content gains social traction, your business will garner greater online visibility, brand awareness and, most importantly, conversions.

Jake Magleby, Freelancer, Boston, Massachusetts, USA

Jake Magleby has written extensively about effective marketing, sales, and financing strategies to help small business owners succeed in the fast-paced and ever-changing business world. He also has an interest in education and development.

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