Experience Headphones is a Speciality retailer focusing on high-end, high fashion headphones lines. The 5 core values are: uniqueness, exclusivity, quality, comfortability, and fashionability. Every headphone sold in the store is available for customers to try on, listen to, and view in the mirror. Dean Horsfield and Eric Morin held the grand opening for Experience Headphones on Nov 30 at 3057 Granville St Vancouver, BC V6H 3J6.

We asked Dean and Eric to describe their greatest challenge as entrepreneurs and how they overcame it:

“The biggest challenge has been managing time and priorities. Our strict budgeting has left very little free cash for hiring outside help. Therefore, all tasks needed to be split between the two owners including marketing, supplier management, store management, construction, maintenance, design, PR etc. In order to get all of the tasks complete we have to be very careful about which rank as our top priorities and how much time should be spent on each. At times we mis-prioritize and at times we go way over in terms of time allocation. Each week we work to adapt, react, and better manage these tasks. It is a huge challenge, but it keeps us sharp, lean, and continually moving forward!”

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