When starting our business we tend to want to work with anybody who is willing to pay us for our services or products. But as time goes by, you may find that working with the wrong client ends up costing you time, money and possibly a bit of your sanity!

Take some time to define what your ideal client looks like. Are they clear in their business goals? Do they pay their invoices on time? Do they listen to your expertise and act on it? Are you excited about working with them? Asking simple questions like these can help weed out the high maintenance clients and thereby free up your time to secure and work with the clients you like.

When you work with people you like, you’ll find you’re naturally more motivated, the work is easier and more fun and you’ll probably end up making more money because they’ll want to work with you again… and you with them.

So stop saying “yes” to those potentials that you know will end up wasting your time, disrespecting your expertise and irritating you. There are many more clients that need your help, who will value your time, appreciate your advice and pay you…in full and on time! Start attracting like-minded people and enjoy staying passionate about your business.

Cathy Yeomans, Imagine Public Relations, White Rock, BC, imaginepr@shaw.ca

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