Ben Beveridge, Archer Business Development Solutions, Maple Creek, SK, Futurpreneur Canada Mentor,

The way to overcome fear is to understand it.

Fear is the symptom, not the problem. When you have an illness, you seek help to get well. If you treat the symptoms, you might feel better, but you’ll still be sick, and the symptoms will keep recurring. When you treat the illness, you deal with the problem so that the symptoms don’t occur. Only by identifying the underlying causes of your fear can you be truly in control of outcome, allowing you to execute your vision with confidence and power.

Fear is healthy and is a useful tool, as it heightens our ability to see danger, assess risk and proceed with caution. For me, fear is also an indicator that I’m doing something that is challenging, difficult, out of my comfort zone or that I am stretching my risk tolerance. All of these are good things if what I’m pursuing is worth the effort.

Fighting fear is an exercise in futility. You cannot overcome something that doesn’t exist. Fear is simply the expression of a lack of understanding, knowledge, capacity or capability. Especially in situations where it creates anxiety from the anticipation that a goal may not be achieved. Challenging the basis of your fears will lead you to a deeper knowledge of yourself, your abilities and your business. Problems have solutions. Challenges can be conquered. Fear is an illusion.

I continually strive to better understand fear and how it relates to the decisions we make. It is far too much to delve into in this space, but I wholeheartedly encourage you to contact me directly if you are in a position where fear is impacting your work, or even if, like me, you are simply fascinated by the mechanics of emotion and human behaviour in business.

Ben Beveridge

VP, Business Development
Archer Business Development Solutions
Mentor, Futurpreneur Canada

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