If you’ve ever worked in a corporate environment, you know that conflict exists and it’s important to know that conflict is perfectly normal, but how to handle the conflict is character defining. Julie, shares with us how to deal with conflict by acknowledging that the solution lies in interacting with the said person, and analyzing how much time and effort you’re spending on this conflict, versus spending time on finding a solution.  This three step process that Julie shared, can help you better deal with conflict.

1.  Check yourself before you wreck yourself. Observe your emotions and get really clear about what is really bothering you. Quite often conflict arises because there is a mashup of many different emotions and many different layers to the conflict. Don’t take anything personally, don’t make assumptions and don’t make up stories to fill in details you don’t know.  Blame is often a close neighbor of guilt, so ask yourself, “What do I need to take responsibility for?”

2.  Walk a mile in the other person’s shoes. Time a minute to look at the situation from the other person’s perspective. What might they be feeling?  How will this conflict impact them specifically? Stick to the facts. Remember, there are always three sides to every story–your side, their side and what actually happened. Remember to let go of the need to be right.

3.  Address the conflict as soon as possible. Redirect your energy into finding a solution, instead of perpetuating the problem. Try to avoid telling the story of conflict over and over again. The further away you are from the source of the problem the further you are from the solution. Don’t be afraid to be the first person to reach out.  Permission is a great meta skill to use here, “Hey, would it be ok if we sat down to discuss our different sides on this topic?” You might be ready to discuss the conflict, but don’t make the assumption that the other person is. Be sure to find a time that is convenient for you both, and when you do sit down to talk, make sure you speak from fact, rather than emotion.

Watch Julie’s video on dealing with conflict below.

By: Julie Zuzek, The Corporate Yogi, Founder and Director

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