We support many young entrepreneurs and help them to turn their ideas into businesses. All will agree that starting a business is a chaotic journey with some highs (sometimes very high) and some lows (sometimes very low)…

We found 10 GIFs that sum up the key  moments experienced by all entrepreneurs!

1. When you finally get  the idea of the century…

2. … but nobody understands it.

3. When you don’t know where to begin… (?!)

4. When you manage to convince your first investor!

5. When you realize you forgot to include the overhead costs in your business plan :( 

6. When you are about to give up…

7. When you receive your first order from someone other  than your cousin or your grandma!!

8. When you’re lacking sleep, really…

9. When you hire your first employee!

10. When your mentor becomes your best friend…

Written by: Claire Gendron, Bilingual Marketing Content Coordinator, Futurpreneur Canada

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