These three ‘gems’ are the key to success for every entrepreneur.

Relationships: While we constantly look for ways to incorporate technology into our lives and business to make things easier, it’s becoming more apparent as an entrepreneur that human relationships are critical to success. Every piece of marketing you do needs to be interpreted and reacted to by a person. Your products or services are being utilized by people. You should focus on the relationship side of your business – interacting and building bonds with others – and avoid spending time searching for the piece of technology that you think is going to make everything happen for you.

You’ time: 9-5 – what’s that?  As an entrepreneur you are always on.  You’re mind never stops when it comes to your business, what you do and how you are going to be growing. So with that in mind, plan for time to have you time, or family time.

Client-focus: A common mistake is always looking to gain new clients, and less effort on better serving the ones you have.  When you bust your butt to gain a client, over deliver and keep them for a lifetime.  These are the clients that are 10x more valuable than the first time buyers.

Shaun Whynach, Blue Cow Creative Design & Production Ltd., Coldbrook, NS,

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