For Global Entrepreneurship Week (GEW) this week, we have sent three ambassadors across the country to report live from the road as they visit Canadian entrepreneurs, small business, community partners in the entrepreneurial ecosystem, and attend GEW events. On Tuesday, Aurélie was on the road in Halifax, Nova Scotia for the day. Here is a recap of her day on the road and some of the ah-ha moments she had along the way.

Aurélie Started the day at the Halifax Partnership event with Futurpreneur Canada’s Business Development Manager, David Eisnor, to learn more about the new campaign #HireMeHalifax. She also met with the Mayor of Halifax, Mike Savage!

Aurélie’s Highlights: I had the chance and privilege to meet the Mayor of Halifax, Mike Savage. I told him about what I was doing in his city and he really liked the idea.

After, she left to go to the Nova Scotia Community College to participate in an Enactus event, where students had to present their new business to the Futurpreneur team.  “I met some incredible students, who created really cool things like study bracelets, iPhone covers, and more!”

Before going to meet the staff of the Centre for Entrepreneurship Education and Development (CEED), Aurélie stopped by this really cool beer brewery, North Brewing Company and met Emma, a young entrepreneur from Halifax working there.

Aurélie’s Highlight: I really have to admit that I ate the best tacos ever for lunch, at Indochine Banh Mi. Oh my, it was sooooo delicious. I was really proud when David told me that the lady who founded the restaurant used to work for CEED. He told me the entrepreneurs she was working with inspired her. We all have an inspiration that changes our lives.

At CEED, she met with all of the staff and was so impressed to see how many there were!

Aurélie’s Highlight: My tour of CEED’s organization was so great. I really felt that the community of entrepreneurs is important in Nova Scotia, and I was so impressed about the number of people working there.

Next David brought her to this really cool boutique called Inkwell. It was nice to see that the store survived despite the construction surrounding it for the last year.

The last activity of the day was an Entrepeer Experience event, organized by Futurpreneur Canada and The Keg. “It was really nice to network with many entrepreneurs and mentors, and I learned how important it is to network.”

Aurélie’s Highlight: The Entrepeer event was awesome! I had the chance to chat with people who just started their own business, like me. It is so fascinating to hear about other’s stories and to realize that you are not alone in this crazy adventure that is entrepreneurship. I also had the chance to speak about my experience with some university students.

Aurélie’s jam-packed day had to come to an end in Halifax, but she wanted to share her key learning from the day with everyone: I’ve learned how crucial, important and beautiful it is to be surrounded by a community. Halifax really gave me the impression that there is a lot of help for a person who wants to start their own business. It was so nice to meet people working for organizations who are helping young entrepreneurs. I feel like all the people I met were there for the good reason. After all, every entrepreneur needs tips and guidance in the process of starting a business, and I don’t believe the ones who say that they have never experienced high stress, anxiety, fear or financial problems. We all need the kind of community that Halifax has!

Special shout-out to David Eisnor of Futurpreneur Canada from Aurélie: Meeting David from Futurpreneur was a highlight. What a great guy. I really felt like I was in good hands and I could see that he wanted to show me a lot about his city, Halifax. I had great talks and great laughs. (Thank you David!) :)

Follow Aurélie as she ventures through St. John’s, Newfoundland today (Novevember 18th) on Twitter at @FuturpreneurATL.

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