For Global Entrepreneurship Week (GEW) this week, we have sent three ambassadors across the country to report live from the road as they visit Canadian entrepreneurs, small business, community partners in the entrepreneurial ecosystem, and attend GEW events. On Wednesday, Daniel was on the road in Toronto, Ontario for the day. Here is a recap of his days on the road and some of the ah-ha moments he had.

Daniel’s morning started with racing to the GEW flag raising ceremony at Toronto City Hall with a team of Futurpreneur staff, entrepreneurs, mentors and partners.

After the flag raising, Daniel headed for lunch at a Futurpreneur start-up, Kanga Meat Pies.

Once Daniel had a full belly, off to Ryerson’s DMZ Incubator he went, where he met many different tech start-ups and got a sneak peek inside the Joe Fresh Innovation Centre.

After a busy afternoon, Daniel made his way back to the Futurpreneur national office downtown Toronto and met some of the people that make Global Entrepreneurship Week happen in Canada.

Finally, Daniel ended his day at an Entrepeer Experience event hosted by The Keg and Futurpreneur where he made some great connections and potential business opportunities.

Daniel’s biggest learning from the day was: Successful entrepreneurship is only possible if the right tools are available to the entrepreneurs. With services like Futurpreneur’s Mentorship, funding and workshops, it provides people who have a dream of running their own business with the appropriate tools to succeed! I also learned that there’s a lot of MAGIC going on inside Ryerson’s DMZ Incubator. Geeeez!

A big shout-out and thank you to Daniel who has now completed his GEW journey this week! 

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