Written By: Kristin Price, CEO & Founder, Kristin Price Holistic Nutrition & Coaching, Vancouver, British Columbia

I started my business 10 months ago doing individual and corporate wellness consulting, and it has been the best learning experience I have ever had—both of business and myself. What was and still is incredibly important to me is designing a business where I also had the ability to have balance.

First and foremost, my wellness routine is what I live by. Eight hours of sleep per night is mandatory. Second, I don’t look at emails right away (with the exception of my Tut Note!) in the morning. I wake up, do a 5 minute journal, meditate, make breakfast and then start work. Having this time to choose myself and start the day grounded is essential for my health and my ability to keep up the full life I have.

With my work schedule, there can be a lot of variation. A typical week I usually decide to ease in by designating Monday’s as writing days. I have a personal blog, a weekly newsletter and I write for a couple online publications, so I produce a lot of articles on holistic nutrition and wellness, lifestyle and life coaching topics. I set myself up with some good music and a cup of tea and let the ideas flow.

The middle days of the week are the actions days. Tuesday to Thursday I’ve got clients (I do primarily online coaching over the phone), I attend networking meetings, do marketing and I make sales calls and follow up on leads. On Friday I usually do administrative work to keep the business operations up to speed. Every day I’m posting to social media, primarily Twitter, Instagram and Facebook, and engaging with my audiences there.

On the weekends I make sure that I have time off to relax at least one day to do nothing related to my business. Even knowing that everything I do is about health and wellness, I still struggle to put everything down, close the computer and leave the house to take time off. In starting a new business there is a ton to do, and the reason I started it is because I wanted to have balance. If I notice myself getting into the mindset trap of doing ‘just one more thing’ before taking time off, I choose to put the never-ending-to-do-list down and be present so I can fill my cup.

Beyond the day-to-day, what being an entrepreneur really means for me is the opportunity to each and every day create my life.

When I decided to create my own business it was because I wanted to live a purpose driven life and make a positive impact on people. I wanted to run a business with morals, values and ethics that supported my vision for health and wellness and gave me a platform to support others. I wanted to inspire people to step outside of their comfort zones, beyond the fear and truly create the life they want to be living.

What gets me through the days when I want to quit, I’m stuck, or I don’t think I can do it is that vision and reason I have for doing what I do. I get to inspire people to connect with their body through the food they eat, themselves through the thoughts they think, and design the life they want to be living, and I’m incredibly grateful for that.

If you’d like to connect with Kristin, you can email her at Kristin@kristinprice.ca or follow her on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram

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