Written By: Francisco Lingad, ANCL Partners BC, Vancouver BC, Futurpreneur Canada Mentor

Continuing the conversation of success, one should take note that values connote success. After all you cannot achieve success if you have weak values which will eventually pull you down.

Very recently a major Asian Airline was reverted to the airport unscheduled. The reason was flimsy, an owner of the airline company was not happy being given macadamia nuts in a plastic pack. The lady demanded that it was inappropriate sitting in first class and to be given a snack in its original packaging and not in a ceramic bowl. She immediately reprimanded the airline chief steward and ordered the pilot to return to the airport gate after it started to taxi to the runway.

So much unnecessary negativity and for such a large-scale business, she had an oversize ego. She showed a weakness in values, sheer lack of humility, compassion and no probity to accept wrong judgment or execution. What went wrong was that she compromised her company and put herself first over the passengers.

The employee did not get the big picture, professionally she missed or probably forgot their company mantra of “customer first.”  She also missed out personally on the lesson of modesty and humility as well as refined sophistication and exuberance, the values which could have earned her own success.

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