Written By: Francisco Lingad, ANCL Partners BC, Vancouver BC, Futurpreneur Canada Mentor

There is a hidden hand that propels you to succeed, and that is your confidence. Confidence can open doors as it gives an initial impression of who you are. Also, if you are confident in yourself, your business and your services, your client will also be confident in what you are offering them.

How do you build confidence?

1) Start with positive thinking.
An “I can do it” attitude goes a long way.

2) Believe in yourself.
Open yourself to suggestions, and read things that interest you and can expand your skillset.

3) Be confident in your business and idea.
If you are making a business plan, attend seminars on how to make a great plan, reach out to local services, and do your research to ensure your business plan is viable and setting you up for success.

4) Get a mentor or ask an expert.
This can be your friend or an elder, a classmate who believes in you, or someone that you find through a local mentorship program.

5) Always seek self-improvement.
Listen to advice, be observant, have an open mind and spend more time working on your attitude and character.

Confidence is a favorable impression of you as you respect others; reciprocal respect will be given to you. Other virtues such as being polite, honest, courteous, attentive, and having a pleasant disposition complement well with confidence.

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