Natalie and her husband and business partner, David, had always dreamed about starting their own business, and it wasn’t until being unemployed that allowed them to jump-start the process. The pair opened up House of Auto Details and Krown Bedford in Nova Scotia and have been enjoying that their destiny is in their own hands. We chatted with Natalie about her businesses and what a day in her life is like.

Tell us a bit about your business

House of Auto Details and Krown Bedford is a full service auto detailing garage, Krown Rust Control Centre and a car and truck accessories retail store located in West Bedford, Nova Scotia.

How would you describe your current role in your business?

I play the role of the business manager, customer service manager, book keeper, time keeper, shuttle driver. I keep the clients happy and make sure the bills are paid!

Do you have a morning ritual or routine that helps set the tone for the day?

In the morning, I try to do a little pep talk to the service team so that we keep our day on schedule and meet our goals, and then I return calls, answer emails and start getting my paperwork together for billing and other projects I’m working on.

What does a typical day in the life look like for you while running your business?

I have intense days—I have two small children, so I get them ready for their day, head to work, and in the midst of working I am also planning dinner, keeping track of my children’s schedules, picking up and ordering parts, communicating with my assistant, talking to clients, keeping the bathroom at the business fresh, pouring coffee, coordinating appointments with referring businesses and also stealing 45 minutes for myself to work out.

What is your favourite part of your day? 

Having my children arrive at work around 3:30pm every day. They stay with us at work until 5 or 6 and my seven year old has little chores to do around the shop like helping with the garbage and keeping my shoes clean. It makes me happy to see her helping in our family business. My husband and business partner, David and I both also love greeting our clients when they come in everyday!

Is there anything else you’d like to share?

Every business needs mentors and we think we have a great group of people that help us to get our act together when we need to make decisions. We have so many great stories, but we love when we make our clients so happy that it looks like they are going to cry or when they get a little bit nervous when they are coming to pick up their newly refurbished vehicle.

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