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It’s time for a roundup of some great content we have found over the last week online for entrepreneurs. Need a weekend read? Here is a list to power through that will give you advice on how to grow your business.

Three questions every entrepreneur should ask their accountant

Navigating provincial and federal taxes for your business can be difficult and strenuous. David Ehrenberg, the founder and CEO of Early Growth Financial Services recommends asking your accountant just three questions that will help minimize your tax exposure, and grow your business.

Five reasons why ‘asking’ is an essential skill for every entrepreneur 

Every entrepreneur knows that taking the initiative and getting off on the right foot is crucial to growing your business. Moe Kittaneh, CFO and co-founder of One Mall Group and founder of SVELTA Skincare, gives fellow entrepreneurs five reasons to ask for what they want.

The nine traits that define great leadership

Being a great leader is important to all business executives, but is especially important for emerging entrepreneurs. Peter Economy, the author of Management for Dummies shares the nine traits he believes turns a good leader into an extraordinary leader.

You’ve only got 60 seconds to make your pitch

Make your next pitch successful with the advice of renowned presentation coach Sam Horn. Horn, who authored Got Your Attention? gives tips on how to intrigue your audience, with an interesting presentation. Horn argues that each presenter has just 60 seconds to engage their audience before your presentation begins losing interest.

Five things you’ll never hear from a successful entrepreneur

Successful entrepreneurs persevere through anything. Jayson Demers, Founder and CEO of AudienceBloom shares five phrases that an effective entrepreneur will never say. Put yourself in the right mindset and refrain from using these five detrimental sayings!

Compiled by: Christopher Fletcher, Futurpreneur Canada Intern

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