It’s time for a roundup of some great content we found over the last few weeks online for entrepreneurs. Need a weekend read? Here is a list to power through and help motivate and inspire this weekend.

Overcoming the squeeze with entrepreneurship – Generation Squeeze
We offered some insight in this guest blog post with Generation Squeeze on how entrepreneurship can help solve the youth unemployment issue in Canada and why some young people that we have supported decided to go into entrepreneurship for a career.

Five steps for launching your new website – BDC
Entrepreneurs are becoming increasingly aware of how important having an online presence is when starting a business, but where do you start? Martin Wiedenhoff, Business Consultant at BDC, shares five steps for launching a successful website for your business.

Ten amazing female entrepreneurs that accomplished nothing by age 30 – LinkedIn Pulse
Everyone assumes that some of the most successful entrepreneurs got their start while they were incredibly young, or fresh out of university, but what people don’t realize is that some of the most successful entrepreneurs actually didn’t accomplish much until later on in life. Here are ten female entrepreneurs that didn’t hit success until after they were 30.

Five things I learned watching nine start-ups pitch to investors – LinkedIn Pulse
Are you planning on pitching your start-up or idea? Often times you can learn a lot from just watching other entrepreneurs pitch. Dustin McKissen, CEO & Founder of McKissen + Company, shares what he learned while watching nine start-ups pitch to investors.

How listening to your gut can make you a better founder –
Being a founder of a company is a tricky career path, and unlike any other. Entrepreneur, Zach Robbins shares how important it has been for him to listen to his instincts as an entrepreneur when the path is unknown.

How to get your business finances in order ahead of the holiday rush – Shopify
According to Deloitte, 2015 holiday retail sales are expected to increase by up to 4% overall, that means there’s no better time to get your finances in line before the holiday rush. Shopify provides tips for getting your business finances in order this holiday season.

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