Written By: Dana FoxDirector, Global Business Development, Athena Software

Every journey begins with a destination in mind. Growing your business in a global market requires a vision that translates to action. The more time we detail our end goal, the more likely we are to pursue the target with passion. Global business development takes time to implement. You can identify and action export opportunities in less than 90 days if you work with federal and provincial mentors to help build out your plan and explore the market. The steps to success can be achieved in less than 90 days.

Step One: Define Your Vision

Before you start planning to export to another country, what do you want to achieve when you are done? Are you looking to grow your business in a specific market or sector? Defining this vision will help you make decisions over the next 90 days that will set you up for success.

If you can describe how fast you want to achieve this vision, it becomes more clear as to what needs to be done and how quickly. Understanding where you are and where you want to be within a period of time helps focus your attention on ideas and options to achieve that goal.

Working with everything from start-ups, to small-medium enterprise, to some of the world’s largest unicorns worth billions, the conversation is always the same—what do you want to achieve and how quickly and why. Why will tell you what is driving the process, resources available and together dictate acceleration and what is possible.

Every entrepreneur has ideas they are working on. Few are prepared to do what is necessary to create the long-term goal and begin implementing the small steps. It takes time and there is no end to the obstacles that slow your progress.

Understanding what you want makes it easier to go and get it.

Step Two: Know the Market

Competitors, sector and product knowledge are part of everyday business decisions. Before you choose a new market you need to explore the target economy, sector, competitive product or service. You should be able to explain why there is demand for your product or service. Market economy and demand is an important consideration before you begin selling into a new market.

Step Three: Utilize Resources

Government organizations both federal and provincial provide great feedback for any company that is export ready. Test your business plan with them and ask for ideas on how to improve. It’s free and will save you thousands of dollars and months of wasted travel. Remember, it only works when you are export ready. You will only have one shot at making a positive impression.

Check out this step-by-step guide to exporting.

Prepare a draft of the export ready fundamentals, get consensus from your mentor and Trade Commission support team, and find ways to start the process by contacting others through email and Skype. This doesn’t have to be expensive – focus on the small steps that confirm you are on the right track.

All of this can be done in less than 90 days.

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