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We should all probably get used to the fact that Facebook is here to stay. The reality is that any small business that’s been reluctant to throw some ads up on Facebook, has been basically leaving thousands of marketing dollars on the table. Facebook is the place where marketing money goes further than just about anywhere else. Are you on the fence about finally making the leap and introducing your emerging brand to the digital crowd on the world’s most popular social networking site? Here are the top five reasons why your small business needs to get friendly with Facebook marketing in 2016.

It’s Where Everyone Is

Can you imagine how much money you’d have to pay to organize to have millions of potential customers show up at the same time to listen to you pitching your product? Facebook essentially does the hard work of gathering your audience in a single place so you can get their eyes on your brand. It is nearly impossible to replicate the audience that Facebook provides to you. The simple fact about Facebook is that even your grandmother is probably on it. There is no category or demographic you can’t target your ads to on Facebook and not advertising on the site is like walking away from a packed auditorium full of potential clients.

It’s Relatively Cheap

Have you looked into the rates of putting up a billboard or taking out an ad in a major publication these days? You might end up with a bill for thousands or millions of dollars. For most small businesses, that’s simply out of the question. By advertising on social media like Facebook, you can reach a similar volume of people at a fraction of the cost. The most confusing thing about many advertising mediums is that you can only guess how much exposure you’re actually getting. Unlike traditional advertising (print and out-of-home), Facebook actually supplies you with data in real time that shows you the impact of your ad campaign dollars, allowing you to adjust as your campaign is running if need be.

It Promotes Action

While a billboard or magazine ad might catch someone’s eye, the person seeing it may not be able to do anything about it. It’s not like a person is going to pull off to the side of the highway and go online to purchase your product in the middle of the morning commute. However, a digital ad allows them to come into contact with your products with the click of a button. Facebook ads really tap into the impulsiveness of people’s buying habits like no other medium can.

It Allows You to Target the Right People

Why spend money reaching millions of people when you really only need to pay to reach hundreds? Small businesses can really benefit from the precision offered by Facebook’s platform. In fact, Facebook’s developers and engineers have poured countless hours and dollars into researching and developing cutting-edge technology that allows marketers to target very specific users. You simply could never replicate the technology on your own while developing a marketing strategy. When you advertise through social media, you can tailor your campaign to target people based on location, hobbies, interests, personal and professional connections, age and language, and you can also analyze the success of your campaign and adjust your reach.

It’s Constantly Improving

Social media platforms like Facebook are always ahead of the game in fear of becoming obsolete or outdated. The engineers and developers are constantly innovating on how marketers can reach their audiences.The fact is that Facebook’s success actually hinges on the success of the people who pay money to place their ads on the website. This means that you can take advantage of a competitive, cutting-edge system without putting valuable dollars towards developing a sophisticated system or strategy on your own. All you have to do to succeed is come up with some clever wording and images that can be plugged into Facebook’s ad system, which creates an easy and affordable way for you to reach your target market.

So will you choose to turn to Facebook for advertising this year?

For guides and help on how to get your business advertising on Facebook, click here. 

Written By: Josh MacDonald, Desktop, Web & iOS Software Developer & Entrepreneur,

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