For Global Entrepreneurship Week (GEW) this week, we have teamed up with Amway Canada to send three ambassadors across the country to report live from the road as they visit Canadian entrepreneurs, small businesses, community partners in the entrepreneurial ecosystem, and attend GEW events. Yesterday Cierra was on the road in Vancouver, British Columbia for the day. Here is a recap of her day and some of the ‘ah-ha’ moments she had along the way.

To kick off Cierra’s day, Futurpreneur Business Development Manager, Spencer, picked her up at her hotel to bring her over to the Futurpreneur Vancouver office where she had the chance to meet the Futurpreneur team in British Columbia.

After meeting the Futurpreneur team, she headed to The Amp Co-Working Space and met with Futurpreneur partner, Spring. Where she had a conversation with their team about how important educating young entrepreneurs is.

Cierra’s next stop was to visit some tasty Futurpreneur-supported entrepreneurs and their businesses. She went to PIE HOLE, Say Hello Sweets, Culture Craft Kombucha, and Lisa Lou’s Chocolate Bar. Along the way, Cierra also had the chance to check out some co-working spaces that are designed as kitchens for chefs and cooks to use in the community. “I couldn’t believe the amount of space available for entrepreneurs who need industrial kitchens,” Cierra explained. “It was amazing to see the amount of passionate chefs who were able to work on their food trucks or catering businesses in these spaces.”

With her sweet tooth satisfied, off Cierra went to visit Small Business BC, a local organization that provides the resources entrepreneurs need to start and grow their businesses. “They offer support and resources to entrepreneurs which is extremely important. Everyone in the office is passionate about helping people and are accepting to all business ideas,” Cierra described.

Next stop was to Park and Fifth where Cierra had the chance to speak with the owners of this Vancouver shop which sells contemporary dresses for bridal parties and more. “There are some bad a$$ girl bosses in this city. The women from Park and Fifth are changing the conventional bridesmaid dress experience. They design, produce and try to source all their fabrics locally. Their dresses are beautiful and they want women to be able to wear the dress again and again,” Cierra shared.

After all the sugary treats Cierra had throughout the day, it was time for a healthy boost with a juice from Nectar Juicery before heading to Ballet Lounge where she met with the owner, Suzy. “Suzy from Ballet Bar wanted an LED Light Up Ballet Bar so she made it happen and got it custom made. If you have a vision for your business, do whatever it takes to fulfill that vision.”

Last but not least, Cierra ended her day at Entrepeer, a networking event hosted in collaboration with The Keg and Futurpreneur.

The day was a busy one but Cierra left inspired by all the new people she met along her journey in British Columbia. One takeaway from her day in Vancouver: “A market can never be over saturated if you have the passion and dedication to your business and industry.”

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