Written By: Shelby Andrews, Marketing and Communications Strategist, Atlas Communications

By now, we all know that blogging is an essential marketing tool for businesses. A company blog acts as a reference to your brand—it speaks volumes about your opinions and beliefs. Blogging can also increase traffic to your website, build trust in consumers and position your company as an industry leader.

Getting your blog to stand out from the crowd can be a challenge. Of course, you want people to read the information that your company is putting time and effort into creating.

To do this, you must make sure your blog provides information that will resonate with your target audience. Here are a few ways to create a company blog your audience will want to keep coming back to!

Be consistent

This is perhaps the most crucial point to remember when it comes to blogging. You must be posting consistently. It takes time and effort to build a quality audience, and this will be much harder to do if they don’t know when to expect your next post.

Instead, create a blogging schedule and stick to it. We suggest publishing weekly, or bi-weekly (at the least). Block out a few hours each week to sit down and write. The more consistently you post, the easier it will be to keep your audience’s attention.

Be passionate

This one is simple: if you enjoy what you’re talking about, people will most likely enjoy reading it. Your passion will rub off onto your reader. The more passionate you are about what you’re writing, the more educated, informed and interested you sound about the topic.

Be a thought leader

Readers want to get information from sources that know what they’re talking about. They want to put their trust in someone who has industry knowledge, experience and credibility.

A thought leader is someone who drives innovation and modernity in their industry. When writing your company blog, aim to be a thought leader. Be confident and informed about what you’re discussing.

Make bold statements, break barriers and don’t pull back—you’re an expert in your field, own that!

Be relatable

While it’s important to sound like a leader in your industry, it’s also important to write in a tone that’s easy for your readers to follow. It doesn’t matter how valuable the information is, if it’s written in unnecessarily complex textbook vocabulary, chances are, no one will read it.

It can be challenging and time consuming to maintain a blog that “sticks.” But, by following these tips, you’re sure to have a company blog that your audience will love.

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