To get you excited for the Action Entrepreneurship Community Exchange in Saskatoon on March 2nd, 2016, we thought we’d chat with one of our panelists that will be joining us, Jordan Schidlowsky, CEO at Noodlecake Studios Inc. We will be interviewing Jordan live at the Community Exchange about some of his biggest successes, lessons and failures as an entrepreneur, but for now, here’s a teaser.

What inspired you to start your business?

I wanted to be the main factor in either my professional success or failure. I was tired of design and decide by committee and wanted to take things in my own direction.

How has networking and connecting with other entrepreneurs and mentors helped you and your business succeed?

To be honest, minimally. I started a product focused business, so 95% of my time and efforts are directed to making our products better. Networking has it’s value, but in our business it’s not a main contributing factor to our success.

What has been the most rewarding milestone for you as an entrepreneur?

Being able to personally gear down. The first three years were absolutely hectic and one can only work 80 hour weeks for so long. We reached a point where that’s no longer necessary, and for me, that is quite rewarding.

What’s your mantra or words you live by?

Frig it.  Ship it.

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