Written by: Shelby Andrews, Marketing Manager, Atlas Communications

Product launches, anniversaries and milestones, urgent updates – a typical company’s social media calendar will be filled with all sorts of information. While it’s important to use social media to promote brand and product awareness, if you only use your platforms for sales purposes you’ll bore your audience, and they’ll probably end up unfollowing you.

Your page should post a mix of give and take posts. Take posts consist of information you want your audience to take away—such as product launches, sales or updates. Give posts are aimed to offer your audience something useful—this can be human interest posts, humorous posts or quality of life posts. As a rule of thumb, your page should consist of about 70% give posts and 30% take posts.

Micro-holidays are a great, cheeky way to engage your audience on social media. They have a universal online appeal, provide tons of room for creativity and are down right fun to read!

Here are 24 micro-holidays to try celebrating on social media:

  1. January 4

#NationalTriviaDay – Test your audience’s industry knowledge.

  1. January 21

#NationalHugDayYou know you want to.

  1. February 9

#NationalPizzaDay – As if you needed a special occasion to eat pizza.

  1. February 17

#NationalRandomActOfKindnessDay – Pass on the love.

  1. March 12

#NationalPlantAFlowerDay – Spring is right around the corner!

  1. March 28

#NationalSomethingOnAStickDay – Corn dogs, apples, popsicles, just name it (then eat it)!

  1. April 12

#NationalGrilledCheeseDay – What do you put in your grilled cheese?

  1. April 20

#NationalHighFiveDay – Up high, down low.

  1. May 4

#NationalStarWarsDay – May the fourth be with you.

  1. May 25

#NationalBrownBagItDay – There’s nothing better than a home-made lunch once in awhile.

  1. June 1

#NationalGoBarefootDay – Kick your shoes off!

  1. June 8

#NationalBestFriendsDay – A best friend is something to be celebrated.

Bonus tip: This day is an excellent way to run a social media contest. For example, “tag your best friend for a chance to win….”

  1. July 7

#NationalStrawberrySundaeDay – Go ahead and indulge.

  1. August 16

#NationalRollerCoasterDay – Ride warriors, rejoice!

  1. September 11

#NationalMakeYourBedDay – What’s better than crawling into a freshly made bed at the end of the day?

  1. September 29

#NationalCoffeeDay – The perfect excuse to drink that extra coffee in the morning.

  1. October 6

#WorldSmileDay – Show off those pearly whites!

  1. October 30

#NationalCandyCornDay – Let the Halloween preparation begin.

  1. November 13

#WorldKindessDay – Being kind doesn’t cost a thing.

  1. December 9

#NationalChristmasCardDay – Get those holiday cards sent out!

Keep in mind, when choosing which holidays you want to post about, consider whether or not they make sense with your company. For example, if you’re a pizza parlour, you probably wouldn’t choose to celebrate “National Clean off Your Desk Day.” There’s nothing worse than seeing posts that aren’t relevant to your page.

If you choose the right micro-holidays, they can be a great way to engage your audience, and have a little bit of fun on social media.

Happy posting everyone!

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