Written By: Jarek Rozynski, Paid Search Dynamo, RozNix

As you’ve probably noticed, the world is becoming ever more digitized. From news, to video, to telecommunication, our society is moving more online and advertising is no exception. Businesses today need to ensure that they have some online presence and to really prosper, most need to embrace this important medium.

Google is a major player when it comes to online marketing with about an 88% search market share in Canada. One of the main advantages of this platform is that you only pay when someone clicks your ad. Google’s AdWords platform allows you to access this pool of prospects. Companies that use AdWords can create ads and target them based on the keywords people use when doing an online search.

There are actually two forms of AdWords you can use – their standard interface or AdWords Express. The latter is a great option for those who don’t have a lot of time to learn about and manage their online advertising. You simply input some basic data and the system will then manage where and when your ads will appear with no keywords to choose and minimal ongoing maintenance.

To start with AdWords Express, click here, and click on “get started”. You’ll then need to log into your Google account or create one.

Once you gain access, you’ll need to fill in your business name and website. If you don’t have a website, you might want to consider setting up a Google My Business page for free and using that as your storefront (more info on that here). You’ll then need to fill in the following information:

  1. Target area: You can set this up either by distance from a specified address or by choosing a city, region or country (you can choose multiple locations).
  2. Language & service: Which language do you wish to advertise in and what type of service will you be promoting. Based on this data, AdWords Express will then create keywords for you automatically. On the right-hand side, you’ll be informed as to how large your audience is on a monthly basis.
  3. Create an ad: You’ll need to enter two headlines (both of which will appear side by side) that are up to 30 characters each. The body of the ad is up to 80 characters. The headline is the first thing people will see, so make it strong. Look at what the competition is doing online and try to stand out. Please note that it will take AdWords a few hours to review your ad and approve it.
  4. Phone number: If you enable this, your phone number will be displayed in the ad on desktops whereas on a mobile phone there will be a “call” button instead. If you turn on the verified calls button, the phone number that people will see and call will be changed by Google to one they generate automatically. It will still ultimately connect to the same number you inputted, but what this allows Google to do is track things like when the call was made, how long it was and the caller’s location. You will then be able to see these stats in your account.
  5. Budget: What is the maximum you’re willing to spend on a monthly basis? The more budget, the more calls and clicks you’ll get as per the box on the right-hand side (“estimated ad reach”). Please remember that you can change your budget at any time. Also note that the average daily budget is just an approximation and how much your account actually spends each day might differ, but over the course of the month, your budget will not be exceeded.
  6. Review: Review what you entered and make sure it’s correct. You can make any edits by clicking the “edit” button in each section.
  7. Payment: On the final screen, you’ll need to provide your payment details.

You’ll then be taken to the AdWords Express dashboard where you can review and keep track of all the key stats such as views, clicks, and calls. Also keep an eye on the “Search Phrases” section, which will display which queries triggered your ad. For keywords that you feel don’t match your business, you can remove them here.

If you start seeing success with AdWords Express you might want to consider using their standard interface through which you can potentially obtain much stronger results. Please refer to this tutorial from AdWords which will walk you through the basics. For those wanting to become advanced, Google provides an in-depth free online course.

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