Futurpreneur Canada recognizes the hard work, determination and passion it takes to start a business. That is why we teamed up with CIBC for a campaign to recognize the milestones (big or small) that our entrepreneurs reach while starting and growing their businesses.

As a part of the campaign, we’re encouraging our Futurpreneurs to share their start-up successes using the hashtag #FuturHighFive on social media. Kyrle Symons of Prisym Renewable Developments is one of those success stories.

Clean energy doesn’t just help Canadians power their homes – it helps ensure we have a healthy environment for future generations.

In Canada and around the world, solar power has been a big part of the clean energy revolution and businesses like Prisym Renewable Developments are leading the way.

Kyrle Symons founded Prisym Renewable Developments because he saw a problem in the Canadian energy market and wanted to be a part of the solution.

“The significant problems of sustainability and a lack of forward momentum in Canada are a frustration that I felt I could do something about,” says Kyrle.

He describes Prisym Renewable Developments as a “solar innovation company.” Kyrle understands his clients don’t always want the usual solar tiles, so he has developed an alternative.

“We have designed and produced a customizable solar pergola and are working on bringing a full range of off-roof solar products to market,” says Kyrle.

Prisym also offers solar hot water and heating products. “The combination of our products offers a cost-effective and balanced solution to help people to become energy independent and build sustainable lifestyles,” says Kyrle.

Prisym Renewable Developments

Before diving into the world of entrepreneurship, Kyrle served in the Royal Canadian Airforce for 10 years.

“Following high school, I took a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration. I knew that one day I wanted to start a business, it was just a case of when,” he said.

He finally made his dream a reality in December 2016 when he launched Prisym. Now a year later, Kyrle is incredibly proud of what the company has accomplished.

“It’s very rewarding watching others become more sustainable and realizing that one by one, we can make a very large impact on our footprint and therefore, the future outlook of our world,” says Kyrle.

However, like any entrepreneur, he has faced some hurdles along the way.

“A company like this requires slow growth or a large amount of capital,” says Kyrle. “Innovation costs money and so does the marketing of something new,” he says. “We have more defined focus areas now and as we move forward, we’ll likely see faster growth.”

Despite these challenges, Prisym continues to rack up some major achievements. For example, Prisym recently shared a #FuturHighFive milestone – the company participated in the Comox Valley Business Expo where it showcased some of their solar energy products.

“The product stood out as an elephant in the room and it was so neat to see people absorb what was in front of them,” says Kyrle. The company was also showcasing their SunPump solar heat pump product. He adds: “We’re really looking forward to the expos coming up in the spring to do it all again.”

Entrepreneurship is a rewarding journey in life, but it can also be quite challenging. Fortunately, Kyrle had the support of his Futurpreneur mentor to help him get through the tough times.

“Without mentorship, you don’t have someone to keep you in check, or to push you harder, or to tell you that you can do it when you start feeling like you want to give up,” he says. “I got a great mentor through Futurpreneur: Neil Huff of Foresight Cleantech Accelerator Centre. Neil is arguably the best mentor I could have as he’s right in my industry helping businesses like mine thrive and grow.”

As for aspiring entrepreneurs, Kyrle has some advice to pass along:

“Make sure you have a plan for the business idea and how you’re going to reach your customers so that they’ll say ‘Yes, I want to buy your product right now.’ Other than that, network, network, network. It takes time out of your day to go to events but it can make all the difference. For many businesses, it’s who you know and who knows you, so get yourself out there and get known.”

Written by: Sara Pivato, Social Media and Content Coordinator, Futurpreneur Canada

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