Futurpreneur Canada has been fueling the entrepreneurial passions of Canada’s young enterprise for two decades. Through its business opportunities, Amway Canada has been doing the same for over 50 years.

Amway offers anyone the opportunity to own their own business, selling health and beauty products and building teams. Amway also allows people with an entrepreneurial spirit from all walks of life to obtain more financial opportunity, flexibility, and the freedom to be their own boss.

Which is why, for the second year in a row, Futurpreneur teamed up with Amway Canada for our GEW Canada: On The Road campaign which kicks off today. For one week, three Canadian entrepreneurs will be travelling across the country for Global Entrepreneurship Week, attending great events and meeting some of the incredible small business owners who are a part of Canada’s entrepreneurial landscape.

Now for those who are unfamiliar, Amway isn’t just the world’s leading direct selling company, they are also committed to providing education to existing and aspiring business owners.

Recently, they released a complimentary quiz called What’s Your Learning Personality?, providing a visual, interactive way for existing and aspiring entrepreneurs to better understand their unique learning personalities. The quiz is also designed to encourage business owners to reflect on what personality traits have made them a successful entrepreneur and, ultimately, what their learning “persona” is in order to continue their professional and personal development.

“We are dedicated to helping entrepreneurs learn and acquire the skills they need to be in business for themselves,” said Suzie Fiore, Director of Training and Education at Amway North America. “The quiz is a resource for entrepreneurs to better understand their unique learning styles and provide direction for leveraging their business ‘persona.’”

The five personas include:

The Seeker: For those with an abundant amount of curiosity and a constant need for new information and business strategies – given in a quick, concise way.

The Juggler: Entrepreneurs with little time to devote to any individual task, but who always complete a to-do list on time and in a professional fashion – organization is key!

The Cornerstone: Industry veterans with business skills that span the spectrum, and a knack for understanding that the small stuff matters for continued success in an evolving world.

The All-Star: For those who are hands-on and committed to seeing projects through, these are the kinds of entrepreneurs that believe sustained success is the only true success.

The Coach: Natural leaders looking to not only start their own business but who have multiple colleagues who can independently spearhead important projects on their behalf – they love to be the sounding board!

Find out your persona by taking the quiz at www.whatsyourlearningtype.com.

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