Written by: Jasmine Pickel (CEO) and Grace Mahas (Social Media Marketing) at Atlas Communications

While most businesses are quiet over the summer, around here at Atlas, it’s the busiest time of year. Why you might ask? Because summer is the best time of year to start planning your social media marketing campaigns!

Fall marks the start of back to school and the beginning of the holiday season (Thanksgiving, Halloween Black Friday, Christmas, NYE, and the list goes on…). In order to ride this holiday rollercoaster without getting lost amongst the crowd, it’s important to have your social media campaigns set in stone ahead of time.

Here are a few things to consider.


(Good) planning takes time; if you want to hit the ground running on social media for fall/back to school, you need to engage a social media agency NOW (AKA – yesterday) to nail down your strategy.

A social media campaign starts far before the first post, and doesn’t end until long after the last. For a successful campaign, planning can take weeks, even MONTHS to perfect. To fully optimize your campaign, a thorough analysis should be conducted after in order to understand what worked – and what didn’t.

So, what type of planning is necessary exactly? Well there are a few things to think about.


It’s essential to choose your primary objectives before starting a social media campaign. Objectives such as traffic, conversions and brand awareness are all different goals, with very different tactics needed to achieve them.


How long do you want to run your campaign? When do you want to start and end? How frequently will you be posting? These are all things that need to be considered in advance.


Understanding your audience takes time. By starting your planning early, you can watch your target market’s current trends. This allows you to monitor their online activity, interests and buying tendencies.

Research should be conducted to gauge what type of content your audience would want to see. If it’s mothers, campaigns targeting preparing their kid’s lunches may be helpful, however, if it’s young women entering the work force, content on making a killer impression at work during the holidays may be more helpful.

Summer months can be relatively quiet for a lot business whose customers are away on vacation, so make summer the perfect time to plan out your fall social media campaigns!

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