There is no denying that information technology (IT) professionals make the world go round, especially in this day and age.

The businesses of today would not be where they are now without the behind the scenes work that IT departments accomplish. Whether it’s helping an employee reset their password or implementing a new security system, IT professionals are the superheroes in any workplace.

Entrepreneur Colin Pearce knows the importance of IT and is adamant about its impact in the workplace. His passion started during his work placement in college. After developing his skills in IT and working alongside various employees, he found that problem-solving is where his heart lies.

“After growing up and refining my own vision, I launched my own forward-thinking IT company – Inderly, The IT Platform,” he says.

Inderly has a contemporary approach to work IT. It takes everything you’d need in a traditional setting and puts it in online cloud storage. This allows businesses of all sizes to ditch expensive servers and implement solutions that are more convenient and effective.

“We also have state-of-the-art security and help desk support,” says Colin. “We highly value healthy communication. We offer understanding, empathy and regular check-ins.”

With Inderly, the platform’s clients have access to two “exciting tools that are lifesavers for many offices,” says Colin.

These tools consist of a cloud office and cloud storage. With the cloud office, “employees click one button and their work computer and software is all there – no matter if it’s their work computer, personal laptop, or other devices,” says Colin.

The second tool is the cloud drive. “Many companies have large files to send to clients and it’s a pain when emails bounce or it’s unclear whether the important information has been received. Enter our Cloud Drive: click and share any folder or file right from your desktop.”

Colin started Inderly with a great vision in mind.

Inderly IT

“I am obsessed with solving problems. I saw a market for comprehensive IT services, offering everything without surprises,” he said. “With that in mind, I knew I had to launch my own company – I want to help hundreds, and eventually thousands of Canadian businesses succeed through IT. And I want us to build a great company culture while doing it.”

Inderly, and its founder Colin, were supported by Futurpreneur Canada through financing and mentorship. “Futurpreneur allowed me to extend my financial runway – a fantastic program that I would recommend to any young entrepreneur,” he says.

His mentor, Luki Danukarjanto, helped him set daily, weekly and monthly goals in order to set himself up for success when adhering to them.

“When I didn’t achieve them, he helped me be honest with myself about why, and move on from there,” he says, which is very important in entrepreneurship.

Colin’s advice to aspiring entrepreneurs? “Plan ahead financially – make your financial runway twice as long as you think you’ll need. And make sure you do self-care to be in a good spot mentally and emotionally, and you will need a lot of strength to make it work.”

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Written by: Sara Pivato, Social Media & Content Coordinator, Futurpreneur Canada

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