In this day-in-age people depend on online reviews to make purchasing decisions. In fact, 68% of millennials trust online reviews versus the 34% that trust television or more traditional advertising. Customers who view user-generated content show a 133% higher conversion rate and those are numbers that businesses, especially small ones can’t ignore.

Online reviews help us make all our purchasing decisions from what to buy to where to eat. They have become a huge part of the decision making progress whether you’re planning on purchasing something large or small. This is why encouraging customers to write reviews about their experience is so critical to businesses. Also, ensuring that you’re reading these reviews, responding to them and making adjustments within your business when needed is important in developing strong relationships with your customers that helps encourage repeat visits and brand advocates. recently conducted a study about how online reviews can either make or break your business. Their study laid out the facts and impact of reviews and broke down some of the popular industries to help you better understand how reviews can help (or hurt) you and your business.

Infographic on online reviews.

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