Written by: Shelby Andrews, Director at Atlas Communications

Bottom line: if you want to build brand awareness, you need to be on social media. When it comes to which platforms are best suited for your brand, that’s where the lines may start to blur a little.

The platforms you should use all depends on what type of business you’re running.  Before considering which social media platforms to use, be mindful of these two tips:

#1. It is not necessary to be on every single social media platform – it’s time consuming and won’t generate more leads or sales if you’re already on the ones that matter most.

#2. It is essential to examine your company’s business goals. Ask yourself these questions: What is the budget you are willing to spend? Where can you find your customers (target audience)?

Now, let’s talk about which platforms are most relevant for your business goals.


With approximately 1.55 billion active users, Facebook is an essential platform for almost any business. It has the most powerful targeting techniques for both organic and paid posts, and the insight tools allow you to view how well your content is performing with much detail.


Also known as the customer service platform, Twitter is the perfect way to connect with your customers in real time. Ecommerce businesses profit from this platform as they can answer customers’ questions quickly and more efficiently. Companies also benefit from this platform as their content can stay relevant by using trending hashtags.


Companies that sell or focus on clothing, food or luxurious brands would greatly excel on this platform as Instagram is best for visual content and short video clips. 70% of Instagram followers are women between the ages of 18 and 35, so if your company’s target audience are millennial women then this is the platform you should be on.


LinkedIn is an essential platform for companies who are selling goods and providing services for B2B. With more than 400 million registered members the social platform provides a space to build relationships which every business knows is crucial. Ultimately, the more connections you have the better your chances are in generating a lead or sale.

Each social media platform provides exceptional tools to help support and enhance businesses—it is up to your company to decide which platform would best support your goals.

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