Getting back on your feet after an unsuccessful attempt to start something on your own can be one of the hardest decisions you’ll have to make. It is even harder if you are a young entrepreneur who invested all hopes and dreams into making that small business idea a reality.

The key to being a successful and accomplished entrepreneur is not just keeping the business running when everything is going great, it is knowing to get up when your down, brush off the dust and start again.

If you are still feeling insecure because your last venture in the business world didn’t go well, you should take a look at these tips and tricks which can help you to stand strong and give your dreams another try.


Identify Critical Mistakes

For those who blame the industry, the tough competition, and the bad economy for their failure, it is time to change your state of mind and accept that you did make some poor decisions which eventually got you to the point of breaking.

That is why the first step is to realize where you went wrong so that this time around you don’t go in that same direction.

Some of the questions you need to ask yourself are:

  • What factored into the failure of the business?
  • Did I trust key positions to unreliable people?
  • Did I make bad investments?
  • Did I do enough research?
  • Was I inconsistent?

You must be true to yourself and objectively answer these questions before you start to make a new plan. They will be the base of your reinvention.


Learn from the Best

Maybe you’ve been scrolling through the information about other successful businesses in your niche and wondering what do they have that you don’t. Don’t just mindlessly go through their websites and blog posts, but take them as an example.

While most people look at other entrepreneurs in their branch as competition, you should look at them as your inspiration. There is a reason why people like what they do and respect their work, you should take that to your advantage and find the key to their success.

Some of the basic steps you should take while uncovering their story are:

  • Study their websites
  • Read the reviews of companies
  • Read about their products
  • Inquire about their strategies
  • Pay attention to every detail

There is so much you can learn just by observing how they do what they do.

That doesn’t mean that you should copy anybody’s style, that just means that you should take the best out of every successful business you know and create something invincible.


Re-research the Market

Not doing enough research on the targeted industry is one of the most common reasons why startup businesses don’t manage to stay up and running. This step can clear all your doubt and turn you in the right direction.

Your previous experience will also be beneficial since you’ll already know what has proven to be unsuccessful.

Some of the basic steps you need to take are the following:

Identify the Research Questions that Matter to Your Businesses

Effective research will help you to get inside the customer’s head and will provide you with all the answers that are crucial for your success.

Do a Detailed Research in Your Target Market

If the last time you didn’t go all out and did a detailed research by using various resources, now it is time to change that. Using just one research techniques is not enough. Several different sources used on the different audience will provide you with more precise results.

Here are some affordable methods you can use, as well as tools and suggestions that can help you to conduct the research:

  • Market research surveys – Set up surveys that go out to people that didn’t make a purchase.
  • Questionnaires – You can use sites such as Quora for that purpose.
  • Facebook groups – Type your industry into Facebook search and read through the conversations and questions.
  • Behavior and analyticsGoogle Analytics is a great tool that can help you with this step.
  • Structured interviewsCustomer interviews will provide you with straightforward answers.
  • Read the reviews – The reviews have been proven to be some of the most resourceful and accessible techniques. Whether you are interested in product reviews, book reviews, editing service reviews, you will find all the information within just a few clicks.


Prioritize the Tasks that Lead to Change

After you’ve taken all the previous steps and prepared the base for a new beginning before you start again you should organize the actions that will follow. Be prepared for every eventuality and leave nothing to chance.

For that purpose, create a list of tasks that need to be taken care of with attention, and prioritize how and when will you dedicate yourself to each responsibility. Some of the main and inevitable tasks you’ll need to tackle are:

  • Ensure you have the financial stability. You need the means to have a strong and a stable start.
  • Hire reliable people. It is not an easy task to find trustworthy people, but you need to make careful choices since they are the ones to whom you will trust part of the responsibilities.
  • Find a competent bookkeeper. Unless you can handle your own financial reports, you need to have a reliable bookkeeper who is capable enough to take the burden of managing the financial part of your business off your back.


Final Thoughts

You can learn some of the most valuable lessons from your own mistakes. Remember that every setback in life isn’t a failure, it is a motivation to be better.

Just take everything that you learned from your previous experience, combine it with some useful advice, and you can come out stronger than ever. The key to reinventing yourself is not to be afraid to start all over again.


Written by: Daniela McVicker freelance writer and editor for All Top Reviews. Driven by her ambitions. She graduated from Durham University and has an MA in Psychological Science. Her fields of expertise are creative writing, fiction writing, and academic research.

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