When looking to build new business connections, it’s safe to say that we have a variety of tools at our disposal for marketing, but which provide the best B2B success?

One of the tools that have proven its effectiveness year upon year has been the faithful email. According to recent statistics from the Radicati Group, around 2.4 million emails are sent every second, so you can be sure that there’s a large potential to engage potential clients.

Even this year, email has proven to be one of the most effective ways to generate leads by far. Not only can thousands be sent out at the touch of a button, you can even automate the process to provide follow-ups at various times to further engage your audience.

However, even with an effective email strategy, there a lot of obstacles to circumnavigate with email marketing. For instance, how do you get past those spam filters? If you send an email with the wrong headline, you could head right to the junk folder.

If you want to grab your recipient’s attention, crafting personal, compelling and creative emails will help you stand out from the crowd.

Here are four great tips to help you write the best B2B emails.

1. Who Am I Sending This To?

You’ve got to know your audience. There’s no use sending the same email to each and every client you can get a hold of because it won’t be worth the effort and it can even hurt your brand.

If you’ve got a wide range of templates in use, be sure that your emails are targeted correctly so that the content within the email can be tailored best to fit the recipient’s interests while still allowing room for an automated process. Let the reader understand how your company can help solve challenges that they face or bring value to their business.

2. Personalize

No one likes a robot and spam filters don’t like them either. Personalize your emails to make them stand out from those generic emails that hit the junk folder in an instant.

The more a message is tailored towards an individual’s needs, the more likely that it’ll gauge their interest. A personal touch requires in-depth research to ensure that each email passing through the marketing funnel has been crafted to the best possible standards and to meet the needs of each recipient.

For instance, if you’re sending emails to a company that hires essay writers, make sure you have the names of the staff and their roles. This information is easy to obtain through a quick LinkedIn search, so a little effort will go a long way.

It’s no wonder that research by Hubspot found that emails including recipients’ first names within subject lines had much higher click-through rates than those that didn’t.

3. Be Brief

Let’s keep this point short and sweet – in the world of B2B, time is money. It is natural to assume that businesses are busy, therefore, it is imperative that your emails are punchy and to the point. Don’t underestimate brevity and don’t let your email exceed 200 words in length.

4. A Call to Action

You could spend hours crafting the perfect message, however, if there is nothing to help guide their actions, then they are unlikely to respond. Insert a prominent call to action (CTA) within your email with a clear next step for the viewer to take, e.g. calling your number or clicking on a link. Make sure that your CTA is clear, concise and compelling – you want the recipient to follow through with your desired action.

So with every email comes an opportunity for success if things are done correctly, but one cannot expect to master this art in an instant. You’re bound to encounter some rate of failure, so let trial and error be your friend and leave some leeway for experimentation. Test a few different content iterations on a small sample of emails and see what works best.

It’s not a walk in the park, but with the correct skills at hand, it’s perfectly possible to harness this marketing tool effectively. Put yourself in the recipient’s shoes and ask yourself what kind of message would compel you to take the next step.

Before you know it, you’ll be creating engaging emails that stand out from the crowd and draw in the clientele and business you need to succeed.

About Kevin
Kevin is a professional educator and a private tutor with over 8 years of experience. He is also a content writer for various blogs about higher education, entertainment, social media & blogging. During his off time, Kevin enjoys traveling and cooking. Feel free to connect with him on Twitter, Linkedin & Google+.

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