Starting an entrepreneurial life and getting success at an early stage is not everyone’s cup of tea. The challenges and the related issues support the notion. Around 50% of the businesses fail in the first four years. Giving four years in learning which you can also learn from others’ experience is not smart to work.

Startups are one of the ways which allow you to follow your passion being your own boss. Running a business from scratch is not an easy nut to crack, myriads of complications are related to it. The minds who hold power to think big will achieve big. But it is better to learn from other’s experiences and keep in mind the valuable lessons they wish to give to the world.

In this article, we will discuss tips to increase your chances of success in the initial years of entrepreneurship. It will also include the things which if known can do miracles and wonders in your entrepreneurial life.


  1. Success will not be served up on a plate

With the new entrepreneurship wave, many might be thinking that rather than working for someone else for a 9 to 5 job, it is easier to set on an entrepreneurial journey. But let me aware you, it is not that easy thing. The career choice is full of complications, and you won’t be an overnight success.
There is no shortcut to success and excellence. Hard work and planning are the two most prominent factors. Only a bright sudden idea is not the only key.


  1. Rushing in never pays-

You are thinking of creating jobs for many; it is not a game. Researching about the startup is mandatory. You must know the ideas and the strategies which others have followed and have failed. Reading failure stories will give you several ways of not doing that thing. Give proper time in researching your product and market research.

People research, i.e. picking the right partners is another thing you need to care about. If possible, team up with those who have skills which you don’t have. Find those who are able to do the core jobs for your business.


  1. It is ok to sound crazy-

You will find many who don’t like your idea. They will always find something negative and unrealistic about your idea. Here we can take the example of Uber, taxi ridesharing app. It must have sounded foolish to others, but the founders didn’t get to others’ opinions. They kept on pushing themselves and touched sky limits.


  1. You must be a multi-tasker-

You must be ready to wear many hats. You would be the founder, the managing director, the photographer, the writer everything. Being patient will allow you to find time to learn how to delegate, manage and understand your business.


  1. Passion must be over money-

If you think about being an entrepreneur only because of money, then sorry, you are on the wrong path. The career choice is not at all glamorous as it looks. You need to work 24/7. There are bright chances that you would be able to carry forward with the zest for money. Passion is a must. Money made a certain year will not fascinate you as much as the reason behind starting the business.


  1. No point in overlooking your weaknesses-

We all know how to focus and work on our strengths, but also at the same time try to escape from our weak areas. This must not be done.  You need to find time to hone your skills and upgrade your skill set.

Taking care of these 6 elements will strengthen you and help you build a successful business.


Article written by Jessica Gross, guest post writer and an academic consultant for Assignment help for more than a decade. Jessica reads and writes every day on various topics related to society, culture, academics, business and lifestyle. Follow Jessica on Twitter @Jessica23301529

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