Recently a group of 18 rising young entrepreneurs were invited to Toronto for a chance to be part of our Growth Accelerator. The Futurpreneur-supported small business owners, each alumni of our Start-Up Program, were selected from more than 40 applicants.

Supported by our partners Spin Master Inc., Morrison Financial, Dentons Canada and Ramp Communications, our pitching event was held in August at Spin Master’s downtown Toronto office. Each of the finalists provided a five-minute presentation on their business, growth objectives and what they hoped to gain from the Growth Accelerator experience.

About the Growth Accelerator

Access to the Growth Accelerator includes the unique opportunity to attend sessions with business experts and mentors in Toronto twice a year to gain insights into the best strategies for business growth. Participants can expect 1-on-1 mentoring with executives from Spin Master and Dentons Canada, as well as skill-building workshops with our partners and networking opportunities with both professionals and other small business owners.

Cohort 3 Winners

After a lengthy and robust debate our judging panel arrived at a final selection of 10 winning businesses. The winning small business owners will return to Toronto in October for the Fall Growth Accelerator. They will be joining the Spring 2018 cohort who will be returning for their second accelerator.

We are excited to announce the Cohort 3 Winners attending our Fall Growth Accelerator!



Business: Fan Fit Gaming

Business owner: Robert Green

FanFit Gaming designs, manufactures, and sells fanfare merchandise for the e-sports and videogame market. With 2.3 billion gamers worldwide there is a significant void in the availability of high quality, unique gaming products that allow gamers to show off their pride, and extend their passion off screen and into real life. FanFit Gaming fills this void.


Business: Little Robot Friends

Business owners: Ann Poochareon & Mark Argo

Little Robot Friends creates toys, apps, and teaching materials to introduce coding and electronics to children aged 7 and up. Their approach combines hands-on making with storytelling and creative exploration to teach STEAM skills in a fun and engaging way. Little Robot Friends provides teachers and parents with the unique tools to confidently inspire creativity with technology in children.


Business: House of VR

Business owner: Jonah Brotman

House of VR is Toronto’s premier Virtual Reality lounge + event space. Located in trendy Queen West, House of VR has been focused on building up the AR/VR ecosystem since inception in spring of 2017. House of VR hosts corporate events, educational workshops, parties and more.


Business: Igloo

Business owners: Simon Dallaire & Philippe Dallaire

Igloo is the ultimate travel pillow set that you can use and carry anywhere for guaranteed quality sleep! The unique pillow design relaxes all the neck muscles while offering 360-degree support for the head, built twice as high as regular travel pillows to provide twice the support.


Business: Tease Tea

Business owner: Sheena Brady

Guided by the belief that tea is a ritual promoting self-care, well-being and mindfulness, Tease Tea creates modern tea blends for every palette. A portion of proceeds received from Tease Tea sales goes towards organizations dedicated to the empowerment of women through the organization’s charitea program.


Business: Mosquito Man

Business owners: Ryan Wise & Walter Senko

Mosquito Man provides a safe and enjoyable outdoor experience through the removal of unwanted pests, specifically mosquitoes and ticks from residential and commercial properties, special events, golf courses, concerts, cottage country and trailers.


Business: Fitset

Business owner: Tim Gourlay

Fitset partners with boutique fitness studios and fitness businesses to provide fitness experiences through a variety of geographic. locations and a diversity of activities. Whether a spin class, a challenging boulder climb, or restorative yoga class, Fitset connects variety-seekers to unique fitness experiences through their online digital platform


Business: North Brewing Company

Business owner: Peter Burbridge

North Brewing Company is a microbrewery located in the heart of North End Halifax, focused on making small batch craft beer. North Brewing Company is all about great beer and an alternative approach to business.


Business: Sidekick

Business owner: Hin Lai

Sidekick provides muscle relief based on an ancient Chinese technique (over 2000 years old) known as Gua Sha. Popular among Crossfit athletes, Sidekick’s tools release adhesions under the skin from muscle overuse or injuries, aiming to improve blood flow around the affected area and create looser, lighter and more fluid muscle movement.


Business: Vital House

Business owner: Chris Au

Vital House helps athletes stay fueled while at the gym, office or anywhere in between through their collection of powdered smoothies. Pre-packaged in bottles, the smoothies are made with natural ingredients, contain only 400 calories, and only require water and mixing for preparation.




Congratulations to all our winners and finalists!

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