This year we are excited to be partnering with The Imperfect Boss on their inaugural Camp experience for women in business. The four-day event will provide a curated experience designed to help women entrepreneurs shift in mindset, grow in confidence and learn intentional strategy to apply to business and life.

Futurpreneur Canada is proud to be a Scholarship Sponsor for the 2018 Camp. After receiving an overwhelming number of applications, each incredibly worthy and eye-opening stories from women in business, we are excited to announce the recipients of the Futurpreneur Canada Scholarships for The Imperfect Boss Camp!

Learn about our Scholarship recipients, their businesses, and why they are looking forward to attending The Imperfect Boss Camp!


Kyla Holt, Solful Organics

About her business 

I make all natural, mostly organic skin care and self-love products. A large part of our business is also around education and empowerment. When we know better, we do better – for ourselves and our families. I am very passionate about educating on the dangers of toxic chemicals in a lot of traditional brands of the everyday products people use in their homes – especially kids and baby products and giving Mamas better options for their babies.

Why The Imperfect Boss Camp? 

Yoga in the woods, bunk beds and entrepreneurial empowerment- that is a perfect recipe for awesomeness!! What really drew my attention to this event is the fact that you focus on building confidence and mindset, not just business strategy and execution. I think we all need to focus a little more on the heart side of entrepreneurship and not just the mechanics.

I launched my business late last year, 3 weeks after being put on bed rest with my 5th baby and then ended up in NICU and Sick Kids for 3 months. Things didn’t go at all how I planned and my business is not where I envisioned it to be at this time. I could really benefit from some downtime in the woods, working on myself, my mindset and my business alongside a group of like-minded women. I know how powerful the collective energy of a bunch of powerhouse women wanting to improve themselves and their businesses can be and I want to be part of that!


Caitlin Ryan, Studio Nyctale

About her business 

My dream is simple. I want to use digital manufacturing and open-sourced design to make locally manufactured furniture available to everyone.

I am an Australian theater designer by trade but with the help of Futurpreneur I set up a CNC (Computer Numerically Controlled) wood shop in the heart of French-speaking Canada. By day, I subcontract my services to local businesses, learning all that I can about digital manufacturing. But my dream is to use my knowledge to re-invent the way people buy furniture.

After a successful Kickstarter campaign, a crash course in digital manufacturing and a rollercoaster of a first 8 months I am ready, ready with a new line of furniture that incorporates everything I have learnt. With an emphasis on open-sourced design, my pieces will be sold as DIY kits – customizable and personalizable, helping people release the creative within.

Why The Imperfect Boss Camp? 

I followed my heart (and a boy!) to Quebec. I now live and work half an hour north of Quebec City, surrounded by mountains and rivers. Thanks to my son and my partner I really am extremely grateful of circumstance. That said, I can’t help but feel isolated. Isolated by my language, my sex, my citizenship…

I believe strongly that to be successful you have to surround yourself with good energy. By coming to The Imperfect Boss Camp I want to be, to listen, to share and to leave with the reinforced belief that I can make my somewhat ambitious dreams a reality.

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