At my design studio, Monograph&Co., the majority of our clientele come to us to help with branding new content for their business.

The question I often hear the most is how to effectively embody the essence of one’s business and core values into a logo/wordmark, a visual representation that can be noticed, stand out from the crowd and be regarded in high esteem.

It’s the number one reason why implementing strategy and market research is key to building a successful brand; one that’s timely and effective.

Often at times, it can be exceptionally hard to figure out all the necessary steps one will need to consider before diving into creating a successful brand.

Many individuals look to social media for branding inspiration. Although this method can seem highly logical and tempting we find that it leaves our clients falling short of meeting their goals.

Like a ‘get rich quick’ scheme, following steep social trends tend to fizzle out in a short period of time and often lead to the wrong attention from an audience that will rarely support or engage with the company, service or product being offered.

To help demystify and debunk a lot of these misconceptions and help businesses gain better insight on how to approach branding for their business my studio has created The Branding for New Business Toolkit.

A comprehensive and interactive workbook that guides you through most of the important steps you will need in order to develop a strong and successful brand.

The Branding for New Business toolkit takes you through a series of exercises that are meant to help you understand the logic behind creating your brand while also developing techniques in strategy and market research.

We have also included a brief section of visualization and explore the tone and mood of your brand and its importance in developing a strong visual presence.

Topics discussed in the toolkit:

  • Why branding is important to any business, regardless of your industry
  • Finding your voice and refining it to create something that is unique to you and your service/product
  • Approaching a design studio or agency to help you achieve your goals in branding and marketing yourself to your customers
  • Challenges that many new and seasoned entrepreneurs face when trying to create a meaningful brand
  • Social trends and why you should not jump on the latest bandwagon trend (creating something lasting and timeless that has value and meaning).

The kit is currently available for free. Click here to download it.

For more information on our studio or if you would like to speak to us about branding for your business, we would love to hear from you at

Written by: Sophia Ahamed, Founder and Creative Director, Monograph&Co

About Sophia

Sophia Ahamed is the founder and creative director of Monograph&Co, a Futurpreneur-supported design studio that specializes in brand identity, art direction, editorial and spatial design.

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