Canada’s heat wave is keeping hockey players busy outside this summer, but for Raymundo Del Cojo and his team at Lightenco, they’re spending more time at the rink than ever.

Lightenco started helping clients reduce their energy consumption with expert lighting back in 2011 and was supported by Futurpreneur in the Fall of 2012. The start-up company features an award-winning team of lighting designers and do-gooders working to help locals across Canada reduce their lighting costs with enhanced, LED lighting systems.

With summer in full swing, Ray and his team are busy taking advantage of the off-season.

“We’ve done six hockey rinks – three in the same Ottawa complex this summer and three others. These rinks have old lighting, and what they currently have isn’t optimal.”

With old community rinks comes old lighting fixtures that cost more money to run, lacking both durability and visibility. An LED replacement is energy efficient, reducing Canada’s overall consumption while helping small business owners to keep a little extra cash in their pockets, which is the foundation of Lightenco’s services.

In addition to retrofitting rinks, factories and office buildings, Lightenco is hoping to expand its energy-conscious cause to Latin America.

Ray del Cojo is a delegate of Futurpreneur Canada’s Canadian G20 Young Entrepreneurs Alliance (G20 YEA) and will be travelling to the G20 YEA Summit in Buenos Aires this Fall. The Summit is an important opportunity for young entrepreneurs to become part of a network of champions for youth entrepreneurship, advising on issues of importance, sharing ideas and proposing solutions. It is also a critical opportunity for young entrepreneurs to advance their businesses, make international connections and explore international growth.

Delegates are encouraged to explore the business opportunities in the regions host the summit and for Latin America, Ray remarks that;

“It’s hard to replicate our service, but we can continue to sell the fixtures. The Caribbean market is huge for us, because the cost of generating energy on islands is really high and similarly in Mexico and Latin America. We would be happy to sell [our lighting solutions] there. ”

Futurpreneur Canada is proud to be a founding member of the G20 YEA  In advance of every G20 Leaders’ Summit, the G20 YEA brings together hundreds of the world’s top young entrepreneurs to advance youth entrepreneurship as a driver of economic growth, innovation and social change.

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