Written by: Melissa Villabolos, Entrepreneur and Writer

The term nomad has been around for ages and over the decades, has grown to take on new meaning.

Once a term that referred to individuals who moved around to find grasslands for their livestock to graze, is now a term often used to describe anyone who moves place to place, working from coffee shops, libraries and anywhere else they desire.

By 1995, there were 30 to 40 million estimated nomads worldwide. Now, with the drastic developments in technology and the Internet, digital nomads have grown to an astounding number. These entrepreneurs have found ways to earn steady income from behind their computers, allowing them to work from anywhere with a WiFi signal.

It takes a lot of dedication and persistence to become and remain successful as a digital nomad. Those who have found success as Canadian digital nomads are happy to share what they’ve learned and to lend out some insightful advice to expat entrepreneurs trying to make a living as they reside and conduct their business in Canada.

5 Tips to Finding Success as a Digital Nomad

1. Define your business

If you haven’t already figured out what it is exactly that you would like to do as an expat entrepreneur, figure it out before deciding to enter another country.

There are many ways to earn an income as a digital nomad but you must establish yourself first. If you’re part of a team, then you need to discuss your intended move with your coworkers.

In short, have a plan, create a business outline and make sure you’re earning a steady stream of income before you head to another nation.

2. Create your work schedule and stick to it

Perhaps the most difficult part of being an expat entrepreneur is dedicating the time and effort necessary to maintain a successful business.

Figure out when you’re most productive and try to use that time every day to work. It’s important to maintain a routine so make an effort to wake up each day at the same time and create a work schedule that you can stick to.

3. Don’t ever expect to feel comfortable

As an expat entrepreneur, everything from your lifestyle to your income will fluctuate. Be prepared for consistent change and make sure you’re ready to handle it.

If you plan to travel frequently as a digital nomad, know that the change of environment can be a lot to adapt to so be sure to add time schedule to settle in and get your bearings.

4. Find your own path

Look to other entrepreneurs for guidance, but don’t necessarily follow their lead. As an expat entrepreneur, it’s important to your success that you have a clear yet unique vision and business plan.

Constantly work on building up your skill sets. The more you know, the more your business will grow with very little reliance or assistance from others.

There’s so much to learn about in the digital world and its consistent growth only heightens the amount there is to learn. Networking with other digital nomads and expat entrepreneurs is the greatest way to gain more knowledge and learn about new things.

About Melissa
Melissa Villalobos is an entrepreneur and writer for A1 Auto Transport. Working from behind her laptop allows her freedom to travel. For over seven years, she has been building her skillsets and progressing in online marketing, SEO, social media management and other facets of the internet world.

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