Sabine Ghali, Director at Buttonwood Property Management, shares with us her insights on recruiting for your start-up.

My experience in starting a Property Management company has taught me myriads of recruiting tips, which can work for all small businesses. One of my most valuable skills that I continue to develop each year is how to recruit top talent for my company, and keep them!

Here are some recruitment strategies and techniques I have used that can help you recruit the right team to ensure your start-up success. Seek out people who have an Entrepreneurial Spirit

There is a specific skill set and personality that is necessary in a start-up company – someone who is passionate about their career and where they work. When I interview possible candidates, I am seeking someone who fits this description

Find someone who is excited by challenge

When I started up my company, I looked for fellow entrepreneurs. They are individuals who recognize the risk involved with starting up a new business, but are also motivated to make the venture successful.

Ensure they enjoy collaboration and thrive on diverse tasks

Each person will bring their own specific skills to the business, but they can also add valuable input elsewhere, particularly in starting up a company, so it can be beneficial for everyone involved in your start-up to be a “Jack-of-all-trades”. The Leader also has to be able to roll up their sleeves and lead by example, encouraging collaboration and the sharing of ideas in order to choose the best concepts for the business and ensure the company’s success.

They should not be fixed on working 9 to 5 and making money right away

My start-up company began with a little bit of money and a lot of vision and goals. I brought talent onboard who understood the nature of a start-up, including the reality that the initial pay would not be as robust as in the future.

Offer a company with benefits beyond money

I knew from the day I started looking for great talent that I had to offer more than just a big salary. This was an unseasoned venture and I wanted good people who would stay for a long time. One term for this is: Employee Value Proposition (EVP). (Read about EVP here) The EVP outlines rewards an employee may be offered, including salary, benefits and ongoing learning. It also covers the work itself, the possibility of advancement, the company and the people.

Make the workplace a positive environment

Nice perks at the office can make it fun to be there. For example, good coffee, a positive atmosphere and up-to-date technology. In this day and age, top talents seek a company that is current with market trends and can even set trends of their own.

Offer continuous learning

There is always something new to learn. Offering the talent I hired with paid opportunities to enhance their skills supported not only them, but also my start-up. It is a win-win situation.

Respect their opinions and ideas

Make sure that every person is treated as an equal partner when it comes to their ideas and suggestions. I hired people I respected who could also teach me with their experience, and I took time to hear what they said. It often positively enhanced the company’s goals.

Make sure all negative attitudes are left outside

A start-up company is no place for a superior attitude, aggression, or disrespect.

The collaborative nature of a start-up organization demands that no one be made to feel unimportant. It is vital that everyone in the office feels able to offer a suggestion. If it is not coherent with the brand, it will not be used. Keep in mind that a good idea from anyone can enhance the bottom line, and that is the start-up goal.

Ensure you are a leader that listens and can be respected

I have found that I learn so much from the top talent I acquire for my start-up. In return, I make a point of sharing what my experience has taught me is both successful and ineffective. Both perspectives can be very helpful and they appreciate the opportunity to hear both points of view, enhancing their learning and adding more knowledge to their decision making.

I also take the time to keep informed about what the experts in my field are saying. That way, I have even more to contribute to my top talent. Here is the opinion of ten experts in my field. In addition, this open door policy ensures my team feels respected and that makes for more satisfied collaborators.

These 10 techniques and strategies I use in the recruitment process have helped make my business an ongoing success. I work at keeping my top talent involved, challenged and respected. Their longevity with my company ensures I have trusted, reliable people who have not only begun the start-up Property Management company with me, but stay for the continuation of the brand and vision.

Sabine Ghali is an entrepreneur at heart who endeavors to help investors create real estate wealth over time in the Greater Toronto Area. Sabine is published in a number of media outlets, including Entrepreneur, Toronto Sun and Gulf News, among many others.

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