Digital marketing is meant to make us more visible, improve our relationships with our customers and boost sales. It can, but the problem is that tried and trusted strategies are implemented by almost everyone. They might not help your brand stand out in an increasingly saturated online market.

In this article, we’re going to take a look at digital marketing strategies that are a bit more unorthodox, but which could have the kind of impact you’ve been hoping for.


Don’t Follow The Crowd on Social Media

Okay, every brand needs to be on at least one social media platform – that goes without saying. But not every brand needs to be on them all.

There are different platforms for different needs. Instead of going on them all, use the one or two that your target market is using and then focus all your energies on engaging your consumers.

Here’s a useful resource that can help you decide which platform(s) are best for you, as well as which types of content to post on them.


Engage With People

Oh, people have commented on your Facebook and Twitter accounts but you’re not going to reply back? Of course you’re happy that you’re getting comments, and there’s no need to respond, right? Besides, you’re busy. This type of attitude will only frustrate your followers.

From now on, start engaging with people on your social media accounts. If you get a mention on Twitter, respond. If you get a comment on Facebook, respond!

Responding and actively engaging with people on social media makes your brand seem more human and it helps to build rapport between you and your audience. It also shows that you care.


Add a Chip and Swipe Reader to your Store

What customers really want in 2018 is a store that makes the buying process super simpler. They want to be able to shop and buy whenever they want, wherever they are.

This you can do by adding a chip and swipe reader to your store that lets you accept wireless payments with Discover, American Express, MasterCard and Visa.


Turn Customer Reviews Into Stories

Perhaps you’re already leveraging customer reviews and have them on your landing page. Great (and if not, this is something you need to start doing), but there’s more you can do to maximize customer reviews: Turn them into stories.

This is something Microsoft are already doing with their Story Labs, but it’s still something that very few brands have tried yet. All you need to do is listen to what customers have to say about your products – what they’ve used them for, how much enjoyment they’ve got out of them. Then build content around them. This will help to position you as a brand that new customers can trust.


Be Transparent

Let’s be honest – how many brands are 100% transparent about their business with their customers? Very few I’d imagine.

McDonald’s certainly never was, but their imagine has improved since they’ve added a “Our food, your questions” page to their website. In it they answer questions like “Why do you no longer care about peanut allergies?”

Being super open and transparent means you might lose some fans along the way, but you’ll stand out and the ones who stick around will love you even more.


Be Weird

“Make a dent in the universe.” Steve Jobs

There isn’t enough quirkiness in digital marketing, which is why we always sit up and take notice when we come across it.

Take Dollar Shave Club. They made a hilarious video that went totally against the grain. It cost them $4,500 to make the video, and it’s proven to be a mega hit on YouTube, where it’s been watched by over 25 million people.

Being funny, being weird and even being a bit controversial can amp up your digital marketing efforts in a sea of mundanity.


These are some little known ways to amp up your digital marketing campaign. Be different by being different – be weird, be engaging and be transparent.


Written by Michelle, a content marketing enthusiast and content writer for Heroic Search, in Tulsa. Her work regularly appears in publications related to digital marketing, SEO, content marketing, and business development.

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