Written by: Alexandra Hayes, Writer and Social Media Marketing Specialist

Facebook marketing is probably the most effective way of turning small investments into profitable adventures.

For example, one viral video on Facebook can skyrocket your sales performance by means you have never imagined before and take your brand’s awareness to new heights.

Recently, Facebook changed the algorithm for its newsfeed. The new Facebook algorithm update promises to improve the average Facebook’s user experience by showing only relevant news feed updates, mainly from their friends and not from business pages.

This change has definitely lowered the reach for many brands that used to rely on the organic traffic that was generated by their Facebook’s business pages. If you’re in that situation, you’ve landed on the right post.

Here are six simple strategies to help improve your Facebook marketing performance and adapt to the new Facebook news feed rules.

1. Combine Paid Traffic with Organic Traffic

Don’t think of paid and organic traffic as two different strategies. They used to be, but they’re not anymore.

With Facebook significantly reducing the organic reach of brands with the new update, you can no longer expect content to perform extremely well without leveraging their paid advertising features.

For example, if you want to make one of your ads or videos viral, you can use ads to kickstart the sharing process. If you get enough shares from your sponsored posts, this will increase your page’s reaching and attract new visitors to your profile.

2. Post at the Right Time and Target Only the Right People

Audience selection is the first aspect you should consider before even spending a buck on Facebook advertising.

Even if you aim for organic traffic only, without fully understanding who your target audience is, you won’t stand a chance.

Therefore, develop a target persona and start testing your posting schedule. The second thing you want to do is find out the “best hours” to regularly distribute your content. This is the time when your audience usually checks their phones or laptops, so you’ll get the best possible engagement.

3. Focus on Quality, Unique, and Relevant Content

Remember quality over quantity. Do you know what makes big brands stand out from the low ones? It’s the effectiveness of their content. That includes blog posts, infographics, videos, ads, banners, and basically everything that helps communicate key messages.

The big guys know what they’re doing. In a digital environment where good information is hard to reach, they throw some very juicy “desserts”, so to speak, to stand out from the crowd and be different.

Producing valuable content is key for creating loyal brand followers. Therefore, invest time in developing unique and relevant content for your specific audience and promote it well.

Additional, make sure that you publish impeccable content. That means no grammar and spelling errors, no hard-to-read text, no bad structure, no mistakes, etc. Best Dissertation is a proofreading service that helps you do exactly that, so if you want to save yourself the trouble of proofreading and editing on your own, invest a buck and put your content in the hands of professionals.

4. Add Your Followers to a Private and Exclusive Group

To improve the loyalty of your followers and generate curiosity about your brand, you should develop a private group on Facebook and share your most important content there. You can also post news, promote your products and services, and curate other content off the web.

The main purpose here is to let all of your Facebook followers know that this private group will enhance their experience with your brand and whoever’s interested enough should hop in and see what is it all about.

5. Go Live

Live videos are extremely prioritized in the user’s news feed. This means that whenever you go “Live”, Facebook boosts your post and shows it to a lot of people. It’s been proven that live streaming receives six times the engagement of video content, which is kind of huge. The best thing is that every time your live session begins, all your followers will receive a personal notification.

6. Use Facebook Stories

You should stop underestimating Facebook stories! As you’ve probably seen, Snapchat and Instagram have had a major success implementing the Story feature, in which the content which is posted “lives” for 24 hours, then it gets permanently deleted.

Developing a Stories strategy will give you an advantage over your slower-to-adapt competitors and improve your organic reach.


Even with this change, the basics remain the same. Develop high-quality content, market it through the proper channels and implement the proper strategies, and you’ll achieve content marketing success. Practice, practice, practice, and leverage all the feedback you receive from your failures.

About Alexandra:
Alexandra Hayes is a creative writer and social media marketing specialist. She enjoys visual arts and yoga. She is also a budding photographer. Follow her on Twitter and Facebook!

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