Written by: David Koller, blogger and copywriter, Media Gurus

Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) encompasses the tools and tactics marketers use to get more visitors to their website, convert them and generate sales.

Based on a CXL report, 68.5% of marketers believe that CRO is a big priority for any digital marketing campaign.

CRO isn’t a new technique, but rather a new name for an existing process. For example, movie producers often alter the end of a movie based on a test audience’s reaction. Retail stores will strategically place certain pieces of clothing or other items in the display window to entice potential shoppers. These are all forms of CRO.

However, when it comes to the digital world, CRO is undeniably irreplaceable for web-based businesses. Since Google’s Website Optimizer Tool appeared in 2007, every website owner could use it, no matter their level of experience. Nowadays, CRO is more complex and requires data analysis, creativity and time since it can affect one’s marketing campaign considerably.

Besides the obvious increased online presence and change in people’s habits when it comes to browsing, CRO can have a wider influence on website development and your business.

Here are some of the benefits of investing time into building a strong CRO strategy.

Helps you understand visitor’s behavior

When you create a website for your business, one of the most important things you can do is understand how your visitors use it. Using web analytics software, you can see what interests them the most, what they search for, where they spend the most time, as well as where they didn’t.

Once you learn how your visitors use your website, you can optimize it for their intentions and your purposes. For example, CRO helps you understand why certain pages weren’t functional and what prevented your visitors from completing the intended action. Once you figure this out, you can apply changes that will improve your conversion rates.

Better user experience

Every website depends on good user experience and CRO can help you improve it by pointing out where it’s failing. There are always certain things that need fine-tuning, and once you address those weak spots, you will see faster and more successful conversions.

For example, lower your page’s load time will lower your site’s bounce rate, which means your users will be more engaged with your content. Additionally, improving or adding an internal search function will make your site easier to navigate, meaning they will convert faster. Alternatively, a well-positioned call-to-action (CTA) can also help with CRO.

Adds value to your website

CRO can increase the value of your website by showing you which pages perform the worst and the best, meaning the ones with the highest conversion rate. This is crucial information for a business since it can help you make adjustments in order to improve conversion and increase your revenue.

These changes don’t have to be big or expensive. For example, it could be as simple as adding a button that allows your customers to quickly complete a purchase. This may seem like a small thing, but it can actually make a lot of difference for a business. Additionally, CRO can save you money on advertising because rather than spending a lot of money on acquiring new leads, you can instead find affordable ways to encourage your current visitors to convert.

Improving your content

Most small business’s SEO strategy is concentrated on producing high-quality content and gaining the highest Google rankings. CRO can help you test which pages are popular and which ones need improvement.

Additionally, you will know what topics interest your visitors so you can focus on creating more of that kind of content. Since you depend on the content to attract more people to your website, CRO will be an effective way to examine what appeals to your audience and what doesn’t.

Adapting your marketing strategy

Since trends change in the business world, you have to pay close attention to audience behaviour. With CRO, you can closely monitor where to make adjustments, based on the interests your visitors demonstrated on certain pages.

Adapting your marketing strategy based on the data you gained from CRO will save you money and help you be on top of the competition. This will not only increase profits but also leave room to invest your money in other important marketing elements.

CRO is an essential part of a marketing campaign. It can help you increase the conversions, improve the user experience and add more value to your website. This is all necessary if you want to run a more profitable business and be respected on the market.

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