Summer fashion.

Those who love it, wait for it all year.

While others look forward to the pumpkin or peppermint spice lattes that accompany their favourite time for apparel-driven style – otherwise known as ‘the most wonderful time of the year.’

So it’s only fitting (pun intended) that when donning our beloved summer dress, the designer who meticulously crafted that ensemble is working through the heat, conceptualizing your summer wardrobe for next year.

Yes, a year in advance – because the clock doesn’t stop and fashion never stands still.

So while that same designer brings summer 2019 fashion to life in their studio, they’re also gearing up to ensure your appetite for winter clothing is satiated, as they begin to market their fall and winter collections.

Enter Miriam Baker.

Designed and proudly made in Canada, Miriam Baker is a line of impeccably tailored bust-friendly women’s wear.

Through the support of Futurpreneur Canada, Baker has been able to cater to a specific niche group of women looking for… “The Perfect Fit.”


Here’s a fun, unspoken fact…over the last 30 years, the average bra size has increased by three cup sizes from 34B to 34DD. That’s a huge change. But the fashion industry still designs women’s clothing to fit the B cup standard from almost a century ago, leaving full-chested women without options.

“It’s kind of like a eureka moment for a lot of women,” said Baker. “You mean, it’s not my body? It’s just this sizing system?”

After sitting down with former Futurpreneur Canada CEO Julia Deans back in 2015, Baker knew the Start-Up Program was the right fit for her. Since receiving the resources, mentoring and financing through the one-of-a-kind Futurpreneur offering, Baker consistently credits the organization for the advice and financial support throughout her entrepreneurial journey, which has gotten her to where she is today.

“Right now I am looking to increase my online presence,” said Baker. “Reaching women online and speaking to them is really important to me in order to grow my brand and further understand the women who purchase my clothing.”

You don’t get proper fitting clothing by making clothing larger. For a large bust, you must design using a different waist-chest ratio, and then incorporate seams and details that flatter this silhouette.

“I do this specifically to solve the problem and ensure women understand, it isn’t a problem with your body, it’s a problem with clothing design,” said Baker. “Getting a women in a dress that fits, knowing it’s not an issue with her body and seeing how happy that makes her… There’s just a huge need for it.”

As the niche for a proper-fitted dress continues to grow, Baker has found her clothing line is gaining traction in the UK, Australia and even Russia.

“There is definitely a global market. Other brands are trying it but nobody is doing it well or at the designer price point,” said Baker. “Moving forward, I don’t want to have to rely on wholesale as my primary source of sales. By doing this, I am giving up a lot of power. I want to understand my audience. I want to know who I am catering to, who she is, what she does. I want to get a look into her life and her lifestyle. That information is so important for growing my brand and I want to hear it right from my customers, not a third party.”

As for what we have to look forward to come Pumpkin Spice latte months…

“The rest of this year we are going to be seeing a lot of purple,” said Baker. “There will be a lot of butterfly twists, knot details, ruching and a lot of draping.”

For more details on Miriam Baker’s line, visit:

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