In December 2019, the ThriveNorth program successfully completed its five-year mandate. Managed by Futurpreneur Canada, the program helped young entrepreneurs in Northern B.C. launch and grow their businesses by connecting them with resources, financing and mentorship.


As we celebrate Global Entrepreneurship Week 2018, which puts the spotlight on women and young business owners making their mark on their communities, we look at how our own entrepreneurs like Jessie Taylor are driving change and innovation in Canada as far as Northern BC!



After four years in operation and a milestone 2018, including a win at the 2018 ThriveNorth Business Challenge, it’s hard to believe Jessie Taylor and her travelling food trailer-turned-permanent go-to for quality, homemade meals in Chetwynd BC started as nothing more than a fond idea.


“We always joked about taking it to the next level with a food truck and how much fun we thought it would be,” says Jessie, who turned the idea into an opportunity after being laid off from her job at a local coal mine.


She hasn’t looked back since.


“Starting a business from scratch is even harder and scarier. Get in touch and keep in touch with like-minded people that inspire and motivate you,” says Jessie.


And perhaps it’s exactly this that has kept business booming for Mama G’s Country Kitchen. Born out of a shared passion for home-style cooking, Jessie launched her food business with her mother-in-law and business partner, Gwen, who was just as ready to take the leap.


“She was ready to jump in and start this new adventure. She took an early retirement from her post office job of 30 years!” says Jessie.


Best known for their homemade burgers, fresh cut fries, gravy from scratch and pierogis, Jessie and Gwen grew the Mama G’s Country Kitchen community by joining the seasonal food truck circuit. The business was a welcome concept to Northern BC, home to dozens of events, rodeos and festivals that kept Jessie and Gwen busy during the summer months.


“Northern BC not only is our home, but it’s a great place for a food truck! There are not many like us in Northern BC so we had a huge advantage,” says Jessie.


Attuned to the needs and interests of her community, Jessie saw an opportunity to give the customers more of what they wanted. Following four successful food truck seasons, Mama G’s Country Kitchen won the bid to the Chetwynd Rec Centre Cafeteria.


“Now we get to add this venue, are all-year round, have a place to cater out of, and get to be a bigger influence on our community,” says Jessie.


Awarded Best Growth Opportunity at the 2018 ThriveNorth Business Challenge, the impact of Mama G’s Country Kitchen looks to transcend even community permanence as Jessie and Gwen set their sights on expanding into their customers’ homes by selling their homemade salad dressings. Ever nimble, responsive and innovative, there’s no doubting this is just the beginning for Jessie and Mama G.


“One thing that is always true in life is that everything is always changing, so go with the flow. Accept change and live in the moment!” says Jessie.


“It will be easier on you if you just accept it and it will ultimately push you further ahead into success as an individual and as a business.”



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