Written by: Mary Walton, Freelance Writer

‘Improving your writing skills’ sounds rather vague.

How does one improve their skills when it comes to writing? Where do you start?

When you’re in sales, it means you need to improve how you come across to customers, and how you convince them to buy from you.

To help, here are eight easy ways you can improve your sales writing skills and, in turn, boost your sales.

1. Write for scanners

Not everyone is going to sit and read everything you write. Most people will scan through the piece, looking for the keywords that are relevant to them.

That means you’re going to need to write for these people. Place keywords in prominent places and arrange your content so it’s separated with clear subheadings.

Help them find what they want from your writing. The quicker they can find it, the more likely they are to buy from you.

2. Get to the point

Some people say the longer the content, the better. However, that isn’t the case at all. Your readers are busy and need to get what they want from you right away.

“Write your main point in the very first sentence,” says business writing expert Alyssa Hayes from Elite Assignment Help. “You’ll grab their attention, and they’re much more likely to buy from you.”

3. Appeal to the reader’s emotional side

The best sales are made when you play to the reader’s emotions. If you can make them feel something, that will help foster an emotional attachment to your product.

For example, if you’re selling pet clothing, then you can focus on their affection for their pet. You could write something like: ‘You love your pets just as they are, but wouldn’t you want them to look the part for your holiday photograph? With this sweater, they can fit right in with the rest of the family’.

Look for the emotional hook with your product and use it.

4. Address the reader’s problems

Another good tactic is to try to solve your readers’ problems.

For example, say you sell guitar accessories online. Your audience may need your supplies quickly, such as when their guitar strings break. You can offer to solve that problem by sending out new strings with next-day delivery.

Simply put, if you look to solve your customers’ problems, there’s a good chance you’ll make more sales.

5. Use online tools to help

Online tools can help you get the most out of your writing. Try some of these resources when you’re creating online content:

  • Word Counter: Will help keep your writing concise.
  • Essay Services: Improve your grammar with this tool.
  • State Of Writing: This site has lots of writing guides that you can use.
  • Boom Essays: This is a writing community that hosts a lot of writing guides.
  • Cite It In: Use this tool to get the correct citation for your sources.
  • Essayroo: This service can help you with your proofreading.
  • Then vs Than: This writing blog is full of useful writing tips.

6. Get feedback on your writing

When you write anything for your site, get feedback on it. This can be a trusted colleague or from a professional from one of the companies listed above.

They can help you get perspective on your writing and show where you need to improve. If you can get constructive criticism, you can start improving as a writer.

7. Get to the point

As journalists say, ‘don’t bury the lead’ in your writing. Give the reader the main reason they should buy from you as early on in the content as possible.

For example, if you were selling silicone oven gloves, you could write ‘Never burn yourself on the oven again!’ as your first sentence. The quicker you can grab the reader’s attention, the better.

8. Always edit

Never skip the editing step. You don’t want to put out writing that’s full of errors, as it can look unfinished and even unprofessional and cause a lack of trust in your business.

In other words, take the time to edit your work and you’ll have content that will attract more attention than ever before.

With these tips, you can create sales writing that really converts your readers into customers. It’s all about looking for what the customer wants and giving it to them.

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