Every small business should have insurance protection, so what’s stopping you?

Have you avoided small business insurance because you think your business is TOO small?

Well first, no business is ever too small for insurance protection. You should have small business insurance coverage if:

  • You handle confidential information, or could be the victim of a cyber attack.
  • You’re required to participate in networking events or tradeshows.
  • You have a location where your product is sold, or clients visit for meetings.
  • A client could claim that your advice caused them a financial loss.
  • You’re required to visit a client’s location or any other third-party location.
  • You have equipment, furniture, inventory, etc. to protect from theft or fire.
  • You or your employees need to operate a vehicle owned by your company.
  • Your business’s product or service could possibly lead to a customer suffering physical harm or property damage.

Still not convinced? A few questions to ask yourself to be 100% sure you need insurance coverage:

  • Do I have enough money set aside to rebuild my business if I ever experienced a major fire?
  • If I suffer a loss, can I keep my business afloat while I’m waiting for my delayed stock of product to arrive, or for my damaged equipment to get fixed?
  • Can I afford the legal costs associated with defending myself and settling a liability lawsuit?
  • If I suffer a loss, how many months can I go without business income while still meeting my financial obligations with my suppliers, employees and the CRA?

OK, you’ve established the need. But maybe you’ve avoided small business insurance because you think it might be expensive? Futurpreneur Canada partner, TruShield Insurance makes it affordable. TruShield offers a full range of coverage options to help protect Canadian small businesses, start-ups and entrepreneurs, including: liability, property, cyber risk, and errors & omissions – starting from just $42 per month.

Have you avoided small business insurance because you fear it might be complicated? With TruShield, you can protect your small business online, in just a few minutes, with just a few steps:

1 – Tell us about your business.

2 – Get a customized insurance quote.

3 – Finalize your policy and purchase, and you’re done!

Yes, it’s that easy. But if you prefer a bit more detail, here you go:

STEP 1: Log on to www.TruShield.ca/futurpreneur and click “Get a Quote”.

STEP 2: Wait, we’ll make it even easier – CLICK HERE to land on the Futurpreneur Canada insurance quote page.

  • We’ll ask you a few questions so it’s easy to select the coverage that best suits your needs.
  • We’re not trying to be nosy, but one of our questions will be about your annual revenues, because knowing your expected revenue will help us determine your coverage needs, and your premium.
  • If projected annual revenues are $250,000 or less, your purchase may be able to be completed online.
  • If projected annual revenues are greater than $250,000, we’ll help you complete your purchase by phone, as we’ll most likely need to ask you a few more questions. But don’t worry, we’ll make it easy by explaining your coverage options using language you can understand

STEP 3: Whether your quote has been completed online or by phone, simply review the details, make your purchase, and YOU’RE INSURED!

  • We’ll immediately provide you with your proof of insurance.

Yes, it’s that easy. So again we’ll ask, what’s stopping you?

If you’d like to learn more, visit www.TruShield.ca/futurpreneur or speak with a TruShield Advisor by calling toll-free: 1.844.285.6687.

And if you’re just starting out, remember: the smaller your business, the bigger the financial impact if you were to experience a loss. TruShield knows small business. And we’ll help you protect yours.

Article provided by TruShield Insurance

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